Alaska Sea Life Centre: Our mission is to give an idea of richness and diversity of marine life

This year, the Alaska Sea Life Centre celebrates ten years anniversary. It was founded in 1995, and three years later it opened its doors to the general public as the oceanarium. Now there is only one rehabilitation center in Alaska, and the large research base for zoologists as well. We learned who rehabilitates in the northern US state and how to the studies pass.

Now we have 105 employees are working in the center permanently, as well as dozens of volunteers and interns. We are a private, nonprofit organization, and we have a well-deserved name «window to the sea»: we are the world's only public oceanarium, combined with a rehabilitation center. We cooperate with the Fairbanks University of Alaska and a variety of other educational institutions across the United States. This means that it employs the best experts on marine mammals in the country.

For nearly ten years, we will explore all the inhabitants of the marine ecosystem of Alaska. This is not only mammals but also birds, fish and invertebrates. Some of them are endangered species. However, we are known due to our work with birds and marine animals. It is our center on the basis of which a study of sea lions polar eiders, harbor seals, sea otters, sea lions and other species whose numbers in Alaska in recent years has been steadily declining was conducted for the first time.

We try to carry out all the studies using the latest technological achievements in a way to minimize the impact on the studied species and their habitat. We have special programs for the study of pinnipeds - eared and true seals, birds, otters and salmon. Recently, there appeared a research program, which is directed to study ecosystems and the interaction between its layers to each other.

Лаборатории Морского центра Аляски

Rescue and rehabilitation program at our center is an important part of our efforts to conserve marine ecosystems of Alaska. Under this program we select, we rehabilitate and release the animals caught in a difficult situation. Our goal is to save as many animals in need of human assistance. And to release them back into healthy environment. We have a well-coordinated team of biologists and veterinarians, who are also in the process of studying the rehabilitation of animals caught in the center.

На Аляске спасают и детенышей моржей, раньше времени оставшихся без самки

We have not only sea lions, but other Pacific seals. We also rehabilitate both walruses and beluga whales. And, of course, we're saving the sea otters and birds. We believe that the rehabilitation program is a great way to draw attention to the problems of animals and birds of the North Pacific. And we can bring up a responsible generation, which will treat marine ecosystems with the same love, as well as we do.

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