Adidas: «We Take Ocean Health Close To Heart»

Some time ago Adidas Group announced the launch of an affiliate program with an initiative cluster Parley for the Oceans. And it seems, the company really aims to try to save the oceans from the most dreaded disease of this century, the plastic pollution. We asked more about this initiative and about how each athlete - professional and amateur - can make a modest contribution to the good work of saving the oceans.

Our common task is to tell people about the beauty and fragility of the oceans. And, of course, to implement the project, which is able to initiate the healing of the world's oceans. Our program is based on three pillars: education, communication, research and innovation, as well as direct action against pollution of the oceans.

Our partner program is a great example of the innovative approach of Adidas group. We interact with a variety of partners, we come up with general ideas and create future of the industry. The result of this cooperation will be the creation of a unique innovative material produced from plastic waste from the ocean. And the products of this material will appear on the shelves of our stores around the world already in 2016.

Respect for the oceans is really very important for many of our employees. And launching a new program, we are contributing to the solution of the greatest environmental problem. We create a unique fabric that will then be used in our products, and thus we solve two problems: we reduce the use of hydrocarbons for production of synthetic materials and we clean oceans of plastic debris.

Oceans may soon die, and we've got not so much time for action. No one can solve the global problem alone, but the idea of collaborations has always been close to our company. Together we can focus on the creation of a new design concept of sportswear, technologies, products and materials. And we'll be able to attract artists, athletes, artists, designers, musicians and scientists to solve this difficult task. And, of course, ordinary people, our customers around the world. All of them will be able to share a part of themselves in order to save the world's oceans.

This affiliate program is an important part of our common idea of ​​sustainable development. We are constantly looking for ways to make our production less harmful to the environment. We try to consume fewer resources, produce less waste and reduce the use of harmful substances. Perhaps that is why we are loved all over the world: people are nice to feel their involvement in solving global environmental problems. We do not know, however, how important it is for Russia.

However, one of our previous actions aimed at improving the ecological situation in the world, was the refusal of the use of plastic bags in our stores around the world. And the very first to become «green» was our flagship Adidas store in Nuremberg, Germany.

Our another innovation related to the careful attitude to water is the introduction of a special technology of dry staining tissue DryDye. In 2014 it allowed us to save more than a million liters of water. In 2016 we plan to introduce this technology also in the production of sports shoes: the first time it will appear in the spring-summer collection.

In addition, we use organic cotton (it is more than a third of all the cotton that comes to production) and recycled polyester. Actually, it all started from it: it turned out that it was an excellent material for the production of warm jackets, and we thought, why not go further and begin to produce polymers for the production of our clothes out of the ocean?

The main motivating phrase of Parley for the Oceans is: «If the ocean dies, we will die». We are confident that all our employees understand what it means and share our beliefs. It's time to stop spending the planet's resources as if they were infinite.

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