Water Hero

Laura Huffman: "We need to settle the idea for Texans that we’ll always have to conserve water"

Since 2008, respect for water resources and water conservation strategies have become direct professional responsibility of Laura Huffman. She is the director of the Texas branch of the Nature Conservancy organization, which deals with conservation of natural resources in the United States. She manages water resources in the difficult region together with city administrations of San Marcos and Austin. And she is preparing a plan of water conservation in Texas for the next 50 years.

Alex Ekaykin: «Lake Vostok Is One Of the Most Mysterious Ponds Of Our Planet»

Russian Antarctic Expedition has just returned from the Vostok station, located just above the unique subglacial reservoir lake with the same name, which has many secrets and mysteries of science. We talked to one of the members of the expedition Alexei Ekaykin, glaciologist from ice drilling squad. And now we know why the study of the relict lake under the cold pole of the planet cannot be stopped.

Bill Gates: «We need to reinvent the toilet»

Captain Paul Watson: «If Ocean Dies, We’ll Die»

«Wear the Responsibility of the Oceans», - that's how a famous musician Farell Williams promotes his new collection, made in cooperation with a denim brand G-Star Raw. Denim made from debris found in the ocean is one more idea which appeared on the unique international platform Parley For The Oceans, where the best minds of mankind annually discuss the most urgent problems of the World Ocean and the ways to solve them.

Gas Van Sant «Promised Land» Is Attepmt of Dialog Between People and Oil Corporations

A famous american director Gas Van Sant came to Saint-Petersburg in December to present a retrospective screening of his film «Harvey Milk». Our specail correspondent managed to have an interview with a living classic and ask him a couple of questions about the main ecological film of last decades, «Promised Land».

David Belle: We Can Change the World by Changing Ourselves Only

David Belle is a №1 world tracer, parkour inventor and recently he became a star of a popular action series "13th quarter". It turned out that the famous Frenchman has been issued about problems of respect for nature and environmental conservation for a long time. Monsieur Belle told Da-Voda correspondent, how parkour could save the planet water bodies.

Vivienne Westwood: It takes the equivalent of 50 baths full of water to produce just one steak

Vivienne Westwood is a living icon: she was at the start of punk era, she changed the pursuit of British fashion in XX and XXI. Our descendants will remember this lady not only for her eccentric looks and odd outfits – by the way, created without geniune leather or fur. Lately, Dame Vivienne could often be seen fighting for planet's ecology. She is well aware of environmental issues, and indeed, has a lot to tell

Famous Internet cats: Why is it so hard to be a cat at Christmas?

The most famous Internet cats have gathered in a pop-group

The most famous Internet cats have gathered in a pop-group to record a Christmas song named “Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas” about animals who were unlucky to have no shelter on the biggest holiday of the year. This was the idea of a famous cat food brand marketologists who donated one can of cat food to the animal shelters for one video view. Totally 600 thousand of cans were donated, and each famous cat’s owner has chosen a shelter for a donation of 100 thousand cans.

Jan Gehl: Water gives you the opportunity to take a pause in urban life

This month our guest is one of the most famous architects of our time, bestselling author of "Cities for People". It was he who turned the Danish capital of Copenhagen into cycling world. In general, the idea of ecology is not alien to Mr. Gehl. In St. Petersburg, he came for a few days and managed to watch the device of our transportation system. Well, we had to ask him to speculate about the water surface of the northern capital and how to use them: the benefit of business or simply admire

Keith Matassa: Three Hundred Sea Lion Pups, And Still Counting

This year, Pacific Marine Mammal Center in California received a record number of patients, most of them being California sea lions. More than three hundred of young otariids were saved from starvation by PMMC staff . With fifty already released into the wild and over two hundred pinnipeds awaiting their turn, several seals will remain with humans forever. Pacific Marine Mammals Center was founded in 1971, and has acquired a truly colossal experience in rehabilitation and treatment of the South Pacific seals. Keith Matassa, executive director of the Center, reveals the PMMC current life issues

Tarja Halonen: Education, Education, Education Is The Key To Saving Water

Tarja Halonen was the President of Finland in 2000-2012. Now she is Co-Chair of the UN High-level Panel on Global Sustainability, so ecology is included in the list of her professional resonsibilities, among many others issues. Da-Voda asked Tarja Halonen about water conservation issues at home and elsewhere, and about current problems of the Baltic Sea ecology

Regina Spektor: I Love Water

American singer of Russian heritage told Da-Voda.com how the US citizens deal with water-saving issues and why live performance is a hard work

Peter Greenaway: Water Is All About Metaphorical Rebirth

Classical director of the world cinema, Peter Greenaway told the journalists of Da-Voda.com why he loves depicting water in his movies and why he prefers living at the waterside. Over the last 13 years the director of British descendance lives in Amsterdam and makes his movies in St. Petersburg and Venice

Neville Spiteri: Breath is life, and we owe it to the oceans

Neville Spiteri, author of theBlu project, on water conservation and virtual ocean visualization

Gary White: Our Motivation Is the Fact that 80% of Diseases Is Water-Related

Co-founder of Water.org on world water crisis

Matt Damon: We Envision the World where Everybody Has an Access to Clean Water

Hollywood actor and co-founder of Water.org on charity and clean water for children