Water Hero

Andrei Borisenko: Thirst on Earth and in Space is Felt Absolutely the Same

Millions of boys dream of space, and he was there twice. However, with the Hero of Russia, the pilot-cosmonaut Andrei Borisenko, we managed to meet not at the launch pad, and not in the Museum of Astronautics. Recently he took part in the sailing regatta "Royal Space Regatta", held in St. Petersburg. What are the similarities between the profession of an astronaut and a sailor? What is the taste of "cosmic" coffee? How soon will we colonize the moon? Andrei told us about this in an interview to our site.

William Verbek: «Urban residents need to reconnect with water».

Recently, William Verbek, an architect, a scientific consultant of UNESCO, a flood protection specialist who has worked not only in Holland, but also in many other countries of the world, visited St. Petersburg. At a lecture in Ohta Lab, he talked about how to make the relationship between water and the city harmonious. It turned out that Rotterdam and St. Petersburg have similar difficulties, and that we all step on the rake, neglecting the environment. But it's still not too late to fix it.

Dmitry Puchkov: «After Us There Will Be No Flood, Because Water Ends»

If you've ever watched a movie in the Goblin translation, then you do not need to explain who Dmitry Puchkov is. Now he is engaged in movies, writes books and shoots his own programs, and once worked as a policeman. However, during his life Dmitry managed to change many professions, and one of them is a hydrogeologist. About this, as well as about the ecology and water saving, the famous Goblin told in an interview to our website.

Solar Impulse: Clean technologies are profitable and effective!

Solar Impulse 2 is the world first solar-powered aircraft that has made a round-the-world trip and crossed the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. In the pilot's seat were alternately Bertrand Piccard, the author of the idea, hereditary balloonist, and engineer Andre Borschberg. The team of Solar Impulse, a unique and eco-friendly Swiss project, shared with us the basic principles of work and plans for the future.

Peter McBride: «We Must Remember that Tap is not Water Source»

The National Geographic photographer, director, writer and active protector of water bodies, Peter McBride is known all over the world for his stunning pictures and documentaries about nature. He walked the whole Grand Canyon and sailed from the mouth to the source along the two rivers - Colorado and Ganges - to show how vulnerable their ecosystems are. Peter told us about how he had become a «clean water hero» and how important it was to take care of the most valuable resource of the planet.

Nevsky Crawfish: My Greatest Love is Water

On March 22, the main hero of the Da-Voda website celebrates his birthday. On this occasion we have decided to conduct a "hotline" and asked friends of the Nevsky Crayfish to ask him questions in social networks - about the biomonitoring service, about the water supply and sewerage of St. Petersburg, about saving water and protecting rare species of pinnipeds. We publish the answers here.

Aabid Surti: Water is a Gift from Above, how can it not be Appreciated?

Aabid Surti is an Indian writer and artist, author of numerous novels, plays, poems, paintings, collages, comics. But he is also known as the head of the Drop Dead Foundation. 81-year-old Mr. Surti does everything to make people treat water carefully. He told us about how, why and what he has been personally getting around several apartments in the suburbs of Mumbai for 9 years every Sunday, with a plumber, and repairing leaking taps for free.

Brigitte Bardot: «Pinniped Rehabilitation Centers - That's Great»

Brigitte Bardot is one of the most beautiful actresses and is perhaps the most well-known animal advocate. In 1973, she finished her film career, and since then, more than anything, she cares about the fate of our little brothers, the problems of environment, extinction of endangered species. Her Foundation is working to establish shelters and rehabilitation centers around the world, appeals to abandon fur and barbaric hunt of dolphins and whales. It all began with protests against killing baby seals. Madame Bardot told about all this in an exclusive interview to our site.

Lewis Pugh: «When I'm Swimming in the Sea, World Seems to Be Perfect»

Lewis Pugh is the unique swimmer and environmental activist. He has set many records, among them is swimming in icy water at the North Pole. Last year he has covered 350 meters in the Ross Sea in Antarctica in order to make protected status for this territory. We figured out how it all succeeded.

Timofey Bazhenov: «I Hope My Audience Will Never Wash Car In River»

Timofei Bazhenov, a famous TV presenter and zoologist, in his new project «Savage» on the «My planet» channel travels through Russia, with no hotels, guides, mobile, money and tools. Many adventures of Timofey were associated with water, which he truly loves – as he told us in an interview.

Roman Vilfand: «Lack of Water Can Change Policy of Many Countries»

Tatiana Parfionova: River Is the Most Important Thing

Flowers and grass, birds, fish and animals in the paintings, dresses, skirts, pillows and other items created by Russian fashion designer Tatiana Parfenova, remind of the beauty and fragility of life on the Earth. Thus all things are made, taking into account respect for the animals and the environment. On the 19th of March the Fashion House "TATIANA PARFIONOVA" presented a new collection. On the eve of the presentation Tatiana has told us about the sources of inspiration, and why we should appreciate the water as much as diamonds.

Tatyana Bulanova: «I Do Not Understand How You Can Litter on Shore»

Russian singer Tatyana Bulanova perfectly knows where the main river of Petersburg originates, because singer's childhood passed at the Neva origins. Tatiana told us about where else she had ever swim, and what kind of water she likes. The conversation was interesting. Some things seemed to us debatable, for example, we believe that the water is an exhaustibleresource, and we do not have anything against boiled water. But each of our heroes, of course, is entitled to their opinion.

It’s Possible to Receive Oxygen and Fuel for Missiles from Moon Water

In the near future we expect the next discoveries associated with alien water, because we will head the new missions to the Moon and Mars. We spoke to Igor Mitrofanov, Ph.d, head of space research Institute of RAS, head of LEND program about what scientists have to find out.

Valentin Pazhetnov: «Water Needs Attention, Respect and Examination»

Professor Valentin Pazhetnov, the world famous expert in brown bears, has a more than 20 years experience in rehabilitation of orphaned bear cubs in Toropetsky district of Tver region, Russia. In the backwoods he brings up the beasts and helps them to adapt to life in the wild with his large and happy family. Now his unique center is supported by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Valentin told us about what water means to both humans and bears, and how not to lose the happiness that nature gives us.

HELCOM: Baltic Sea Protection is Possible Only in Cooperation with Russia

Helsinki Commission, HELCOM unites nine countries: Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Estonia and the European Union in order to protect the marine environment of the Baltic Sea. The commission's recommendations refer to maritime and land transport, agriculture and fisheries. All participants must follow them to make the Baltic Sea cleaner. Johanna Laurila, CIO of HELCOM tells about what is already being done and about dangers which threaten the sea.

Alaska Sea Life Centre: Our mission is to give an idea of richness and diversity of marine life

This year, the Alaska Sea Life Centre celebrates ten years anniversary. It was founded in 1995, and three years later it opened its doors to the general public as the oceanarium. Now there is only one rehabilitation center in Alaska, and the large research base for zoologists as well. We learned who rehabilitates in the northern US state and how to the studies pass.

Adidas: «We Take Ocean Health Close To Heart»

Some time ago Adidas Group announced the launch of an affiliate program with an initiative cluster Parley for the Oceans. And it seems, the company really aims to try to save the oceans from the most dreaded disease of this century, the plastic pollution. We asked more about this initiative and about how each athlete - professional and amateur - can make a modest contribution to the good work of saving the oceans.