• Baltic ringed seals Baby Inger is yet prohibited to have long water treatment: the injured eye has not yet healed.

  • She was admitted to the Center with serious injuries. Extensive purulent soft tissue on the face are of particular concern to experts.

  • But the most long healing is a broken jaw. Fortunately, the fracture was not too difficult: no splinters and displacements.

  • Mekёrikke VIII is the most heavy among the graduates of Ladoga ringed seals in the center. The kid turned out to be smart.

  • Mekёrikke VII was the smallest baby seal on rehabilitation ever. However, he first went to the Ladoga.

  • History of delivery Sortavala seal is the whole adventure novel. She was taken from Karelia in a few days, and the seal had a serious wound on the flippers.

  • Seal Cocco remains behind. The reason is in the diet, this year there were problems with suitable fish because of the very warm winter.

  • For the same reason, Victory’s rehabilitation delayed a little. The seal is named so because it was found on the 9th of May at the memorial «Broken Ring» on Lake Ladoga.

The end of summer in Repino: End of season 2015

At the end of July, all the Ladoga ringed seal - Patients Center for the Study and conservation of marine mammals - went to conquer the native open spaces from the shores of Valaam archipelago. But last patient - Baltic ringed seal Baby Inger – will remain in Repino until next year.

Little Inger was found on April 21 on Kandikyulya beach village, on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. Then specialists of the Center of study and conservation of marine mammals, not even to gave guarantees that the seal would live at least another week ... wounds were too serious: extensive purulent lesion on the face, severe eye injury and a fractured jaw. First of all the animal had the surgery: phlegmons were removed. And then a long recovery period began. In a few months broken jaw will recover and the wounds on the face will heal. But while the seal can not even spend much time in the water: a damaged eye becomes inflamed and the healing process slowers.

«In the near future we will teach with medical teams baby Inger, - says Vyacheslav Alekseev, head of the Center for the study and conservation of marine mammals and the director of the Baltic seals Friends Foundation. – She will carry out simple steps to relieve us of medical procedures, as it's not easy to fix a rather large seal. In addition, when the animal is nervous, it may damage the jaw which has barely begun to knit».

The seal will be prepared for release in the winter, but at that time the release is impossible. Therefore, Baby Inger will see the native pond only in the following spring or summer. In the meantime, she will live on the territory of wastewater treatment plants of St. Petersburg Vodokanal in Repion. In the winter she will train to hunt for live fish and to feel comfortable in the icy water.

Meanwhile, the remaining patients Center for the Study and conservation of marine mammals to gained about 20 kilos before release - some more, some less. Champion is male Ladoga ringed seal Mekёrikke VIII: baby actively gained weight, and now weights about 23 pounds. He and five other seals - male Mekёrikke VII, as well as females Syas, Olonka, Vuoksa and twentieth - have become among the first graduates of the Ladoga ringed seal. They went to conquer severe water of the Lake Ladoga on July 21.

But three other patients - females Sortavala, Victory and Cocco - had to wait a little longer. Their physical parameters were not standard. «Cocco in mid-July weighed 14 kilograms, - says the researcher of the Baltic seal Friends Foundation Elena Andrievska. - By the end of the month she was able to gain four more pounds, and on the 29th of July she went to freedom with Victory and Sortavala from the Valaam».

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