• Good grades to Vodokanal were put by 86% of citizens: 67% rated the services with four points on a 5 points scale, and 19% rated with the five

  • As many as 95% of residents are satisfied with the hot line of the enterprise: nearly all who called on the phone 305-09-09, got answers to their questions

Sociology: St. Petersburg Citizens on the Water, Seals and the Baltic Sea Protection

In December of each year, the St. Petersburg Vodokanal conducts sociological research. Its goal is to find out what citizens think about the quality of water supply, drainage, maintenance of fountains and on another work of the enterprise aimed at preserving the Baltic Sea and its inhabitants. Da-Voda has studied the sociological report and shares the main conclusions with you.

Water supply.Cold water quality met the vast majority of the citizens - 85%. This figure has not changed since last year. 89% are satisfied with the smell of cold water, 87% are satisfied with the taste (in 2013 the figure was 85%), and 91% do not have any claims to the transparency of the water (this is 3% higher than a year ago). Good pressure of cold water is found in the homes of 90% of respondents. Last year this indicator was satisfied less by three percent.

Counters and tariffs. In the homes of 70% of the respondents there are metering devices of water consumed. And 87% of these respondents are satisfied, another 10% - have not regretted about the decision to install meters. And only 3% believe that they have installed water meters in vain. The main cause of disappointment is the need for regular calibration of the meter. According to residents, it is long and difficult. By the way, among the proposals to improve the water utility in the future 2% asked to release long working meters, easy to check and free to replace.

More than half of residents - 55% - are satisfied with the amount they pay for water supply and sewerage in the apartments. However, 87.5% of all respondents have no idea on what rate they pay for these services.

Only cold water! Water utility provides services only cold water, and sanitation. And it is not responsible for hot water and heating. Erring on the subject every year is getting smaller. In 2014, citizens who believe that the company is responsible for the hot water supply was 33.4% of respondents. In 2013, there were 39.8%, in 2012 - 42%, and in 2011 - as much as 57%.

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