• Valdai is the most calm patient of this season. As if he knew from thу start that the zoologists wanted to help him and he wouldn't manage without their help

  • Valdai successed on the final rehabilitation stage, as well as all other pinniped patients

  • Kroshik on the day of release. It's hard to believe this handsome boy weighed only 4 kg one year ago!

  • During the release Kroshik made everybody nervous too much, but at last he decided to leave his «parents in law»

  • At first Bora seemed to be a biting and ill-tempered, but lateer her character became better

  • Krasnogor was brought to the Center in a heavy state. While he was trying to disentangle from the net, he lost too much strengh

  • Before the release Krasnogor gained good weight. He still remained the wild animal, so his chances to adapt in wild nature are very high.

Seal Kindergarden 2017: Summing Up the Season

This year The Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center in Repino (St. Petersburg, Russia) had four «graduates» - grey seal Valdai, Krasnogor and Bora, as well as the second-year patient ladoga ringed seal male Kroshik. All of them succesfully returned to nature.

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