• The most eco-friendly Christmas Tree is your cactus!

  • Rosemary is both a Christmas Tree and a spice for New Year's table!

  • Christmas tree from scraps of old clothes is a great way to breathe new life into your old stuff

  • Copper Christmas trees with garlands are already being sold. But this can be done with your own hands - for example, from the old table lamps and floor lamps.

  • Christmas tree without light. You can cut it out yourself out of a piece of plywood or hardboard. And this is the finished version from one large interior store.

  • This version is for those who love and know how to work with their hands. Christmas tree can be cut out of cardboard and then collected.

  • The result is a whipping-top! But keep in mind - this is an option for those who do not have pets or small children.Fast swirling crafts can seriously hurt your pets.

New Year in ECO style: Decorating house without harming nature

This year we have prepared an unusual quest for all those who care about the future of our planet. Answer a few simple questions and find out what environmentally friendly Christmas Tree is right for you! Well, get the best Christmas decorations as a bonus: spectacular, simple to make and even edible.

To begin with we offer to decide what is more important:

1.Nature and natural;

2.Reasonable and prudent consumption and waste management;

3.The ability to do something with your own hands, designing and modeling.

1. Referring to the roots. You’ve chosen the first option, which means that nature is a real mother for you. New Year is an excellent opportunity to prove it not only for yourselves, but also to all who come to visit you in the upcoming New Year's holidays. Christmas tree can be made from ...

... Rosemary! Rosemary bush height of a couple of tens of centimeters can be bought from private sellers, finding them on any of the network boards in your city. A higher plant can be orders in a special nursery. Rosemary needs quite simple care: the main thing that this plant does not like is a water-logged soil and air. From too High humidity can make the tree become sick with mildew, which will seriously weaken its immune system. On New Year's holidays rosemary will become a great Christmas tree. And in the rest of the year you can use it as a condiment.

If a vegetable garden on the windowsill is not your life strategy, then answer another question. Do you like house plants? If yes, then it's fine: excellent Christmas trees can be made from high ficus or cacti. The last option is a great idea for a party in Mexican style. And thorns can be decorated with small ornaments.

But if you do not really like houseplants, buy a live Christmas tree. In New Year's Eve they are sold in any supermarket. But if you want to plant it into the soil, you need to be a little tricky. Let's start with the fact that the tree just hates overdried air of city apartments: from this they immediately grow stunted and die. Therefore, before a festive night it is better to keep it on the balcony in the outside temperature, watering it once a week. Christmas trees prefer sandy soils, which means that for living in a pot it will need good drainage and regular soil, mixed in proportions of 5:1 with sand. When the weather starts to warm up - in mid-April - do not loiter and set down a tree in the ground! Choose a well-lit place, preferably on a hill, where moisture will not be accumulated.

2. The second life of things. You have chosen the second option, and therefore your main task is not to multiply the garbage on the planet. Thus, it remains to answer one important question: do you have children? If so, then surely you are left with a bunch of unnecessary clothing, from which the kids have grown up. And something probably already smeared or torn - so that the shelter or charity shop will not accept it. So our idea is this: the Christmas tree can be made directly from the clothes! Old sweaters best of all suite for this. Use the old wire and plastic hangers as well. Do not forget to invite the kids - their fantasy will help!

Если детей у вас нет, то елку можно сделать из любых подручных материалов, завалявшихся у вас дома или на работе в избытке. Для «хвои» подойдут использованные листы, а каркас можно сделать из пластиковой тары, банок, бутылок – да чего угодно!

3. Hand work. And this version - for those who know, why do we need a jigsaw and how it differs from a file. Answer the question: do you know how to deal with electricity? If the answer is yes, then one of the users of the global Web offers an excellent choice of four tires with green LEDs and fan. This Christmas tree, of course, can’t be decorated with balls and decorations, but this will be a very effective and high-tech Christmas tree! Details are in the gallery above.

Photo: Zedomax, Inhabitat, Shutterstock, All Things Heart And Home.

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