• On weekdays you can easily find a place to stay at the main beach of the Bezymyannoe Lake

  • Cabanas for changing clothes are decorated with cheerful drawings. Across the street there is a café

  • On the opposite bank there is the second beach and wakeboarding base

  • Pets are not allowed to walk on the beach, and this tramp has carried territory squatting

  • Rescuers are ready to help. They have a boat with a motor at their disposal

  • On the banks of the Nameless here and there are found destroyed houses, reminiscent of the scenery for films

  • Waterfall is one of the local attractions. Here begins the Bezymyannoe Lake

  • Mountains of debris remain on the wild banks after barbecues and picnics

  • Quiet place on the opposite from the main beach shore is for romantics

  • Many arrive at the Bezymyannoe Lake exclusively for water sports

Nameless and Only: We Investigate the Cleanest Lake of St. Petersburg

The first year the CPS strongly recommends not to swim in the waters of the Northern capital, because the water in them does not correspond to norms on sanitary-chemical and microbiological indicators. Or both at once. However, there is one exception – the Bezymyannoe (which means «Nameless») lake in the Krasnoe selo village in St.Petersburg. This summer it was again the only one in the «green» list. We decided to check whether it is really a paradise for city dwellers who dream to cool off in the heat and relax on the beach.

A small excursion into history: the Nameless is one of the three artificially created lakes in the Krasnoe selo village. First dams and mills, and, consequently, ponds, appeared in the upper reaches of the river Dudergofka in pre-Peter times. And the beginning of XVIII century there was built a paper mill, after which the Bezymyannoe Lake was formed. Three lakes represent a single hydraulic system: the water flows from Duderhof located above into Long lake and then to Bezymyannoe Lake. Underground springs feed these lakes.

Accomplishment. First we went to the official beach, adjacent to the Krasnyh Komandirov Avenue. There were a few people, as we chose a weekday for the trip. But the rest zones size still seemed very modest. Presence of cabins for changing clothes encouraged us. Small and battered wooden umbrellas reminded of the Soviet past. Along the beach there are sufficient installed boxes, but judging by the condition of the sand, vacationers extremely rarely convey their cigarette butts to them. Nearby there is the toilet.

Security. There is a rescue station number 26 on the shore of the Bezymyannoe Lake. The attendant is watching for vacationers, also, you can also contact for help by telephone, which is written on the wall of one of the buildings in a large font so it can be seen from far away. As expected, there are stands on which the rules of first aid and rules of behavior on the beach are hung.

Purity. The water seems pretty clean in the lake. Fish fry frisk in the shallow-water. Unfortunately, some places in the sand have visible iridescence circles: no way, someone recently had washed a car here. Both adults and children bathe, but not all of them. We talked to the parents of the baby, who studied with interest the stray dog sleeping under the umbrella. It turned out that this summer it was banned to swim in the Bezymyannoe Lake. In June a black flag was hung over the life-saving station. Then there was conducted the clean up from the overgrown algae using a special machine. While no official information from the CPS was reported. Soon it was again permitted to swim, but many chose not to risk it.

Why is swimming prohibited in the Duderhof and Long lakes, after all they are connected to the Bezymyannoe Lake? We asked environmentalist Yuri Shevchuk, Chairman of the Northwest branch of the organization «Green Cross». «It is a big mystery to me. It turns out that the first lake water is flowing into the second one, and then even further down, into the Bezymyannoe Lake, and every elevation of the water quality is getting only worse, – said Shevchuk. – In addition, this lake is near the railway, surrounded on all sides by residential development, highway is close by. Logically, this lake must be the dirtiest. I do not advise you to swim in any open body of water in our region; this pleasure is not worth it. The water is polluted by the people, wild animals and birds. Ducks carry more than 150 types of diseases, dangerous to humans, mostly parasitic».

As explained by our expert, the water in rivers and lakes is a Federal facility, and there's nobody to prepare it for the recreational use. By law, local authorities have no right to do it; on the contrary, they can be punished for unauthorized use of the money. Here's a sad story turns.

Other shores. The main disadvantage of the official beach is that it is located right at the roadway and sunbathing constantly hear and see cars passing by. Honestly, it's uncomfortable. And on weekends, they say, there is no room to swing fall. People come from different parts of the city, fighting for a parking spot, then rush into the water. Sand rises from the bottom and the water becomes cloudy.

If you want peace and privacy, it is better to cross to the opposite shore and get to the wild places. To get there, you need to go or cross the bridge over the dam at the Long Lake. There is a waterfall, which starts a small river flowing into the Bezymyannoe Lake. It is obvious that many people choose these romantic places for a picnic – and do not clean up after themselves. In the end, not only the shore is befouled but the water as well. Plastic bottles and dishes reach the lake and get stuck in the thickets of water lilies. A sad sight! Well, in general, you can take refuge in the shade of the trees, stroll by the picturesque ruins of old houses, fish for the bait. There is no beach itself here, no one was watching for the accomplishment, so you should enter the water with caution – considering how much waste is daily left behind by the savages.

Infrastructure. If you are a fan of outdoor activities, on the Bezymyannoe Lake will do. On the shore opposite to the main beach there is the centre of wakeboarding (it's a cross between surfing and water skiing). Cordage towing installations and ramps allow you to make breathtaking stunts on the board. There is wake-based café, a sandy beach, deck chairs.

Next to the official beach across the road there is a summer cafe where you can buy refreshments and snacks. Going a little further along the Krasnyh Komandirov Avenue, you will notice a small grocery shop.

Getting there. From the Ring Road to the Nameless Lake there's only 6 km. From the underground Avtovo buses go here: 481, 482, 482A, 482V, 484, 487, 833, 888. You can also get to the Krasnoe selo village on the train from the Baltic Station. Landmark is Krasnyh Komandirov Avenue.

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