• What luxury product has the most in demand? Water. It is a luxury for the billion inhabitants of the Earth

  • With the help of vinyl stickers manholes in the streets of Dublin turned into plugs, reminiscent of the need to conserve water

  • This mosaic consists of 66 000 biodegradable cups

  • To create this masterpiece of the water, the artist spent 62 hours

  • «Without water a lot of things make no sense,» - the authors of the poster say. And it is really so.

  • On one of the roofs of New York a girl tries to keep every drop of rain

  • One pot of solvent pollutes million liters of water. This poster was created for the campaign, which the World Wildlife Fund had in Bulgaria

  • «70% of the plastic gets to the ocean», - warns WWF

  • A vending machine for dirty water attracted the attention not only of passers-by, but also Internet users around the world

Message to Masses: Brightest Social Water Saving Projects

Social advertising, art objects, art events — all ways are good to preserve the most valuable resource. When the words that the water should be protected, lose their power, creativity helps. We present the projects that really make you think and change your attitude to the problem of pollution and lack of water.

1. Water is a luxury. Such advertising would be difficult to see on glamour pages. Another elite perfumes, you might think. But the authors of the project of the NGO Action contre la Faim («Action against Hunger») placed their poster in the most prominent place in the center of Paris. The main idea is that ordinary drinking water is much more valuable than any perfume. It is worth remembering that it is not available for so many people - for example, in Darfur, Cambodia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, Ethiopia. And, despite the fact that the water is a natural resource, it must be cleaned and transported, and it costs a lot of money.

2. "Shut the fountain!" One day the people found on the streets of Dublin city huge plugs for bathtubs and sinks, which appeared instead manholes. Thus social organization Taptip decided to recall the fact that not a single drop of water should flow away in vain. If you look closely, on each vinyl sticker the inscription can be seen: «Water is precious, let's take care of it». By the way, in the UK the habit of plugging the sink and mixing water for washing does not surprise anyone – and it saves resources.

3. Source of Life. «Every 20 seconds a child dies in the world from diseases related to water. Clean water is vital», - says a Canadian artist Serge Belo. To draw attention to the problem, he has created a unique mosaic of 334 square meters size. Material is environmentally friendly: biodegradable cups, rainwater, organic dye. Of course, the author would be manage it alone, but there were more than hundreds willing to help. The image of a baby in the womb was chosen by Belo to emphasize: we need clean water always, even before our birth.

4. Russian Future. Russian experts in public service are trying to keep up with their Western colleagues, especially since the federal target program «Water of Russia 2012-2020» gives them a chance to prove themselves. Posters should not be the only case: among the main objectives of the program are the preservation and restoration of water bodies, flood protection, the elimination of local water shortages in some regions and improving water management.

5. Street art on the roof. Old houses higher than 6 floors in New York have water tanks: such a system required less energy than maintaining a constant pressure in the pipes below. The look of these tanks on the roofs is rather dismal, and there are about 17 000 tanks in the city. Once they drew the attention of the cinema director Mary Jordan, who had just returned from Ethiopia where people are forced to fight for the right of access to clean water. Thus the idea of ​​the Water Tank Project was born, in which tanks have become a kind of canvas for contemporary artists. About 300 paintings concerning water were drawn, printed on vinyl and then wrapped around the tanks. Among others, who provided their designs for event were the leader of Radiohead's Thom Yorke and rapper Jay-Z. Transformed tanks drew attention to the city educational campaign dedicated to the careful attitude to water.

6. Clean Environment. WWF is known for spectacular and memorable advertising campaigns, not only in the sphere of protection of the endangered species. After all, in an ecosystem everything is interconnected and, polluting the water we threaten the existence of all its inhabitants, including ourselves.

7. Bacillus for sale. Do you want to buy a bottle of dirty water from the third world countries? For just one dollar. Do You prefer cholera or malaria? This machine instantly attracts attention. It was installed during campaign by UNICEF. Buttons have frightening inscriptions with the names of dangerous diseases. Funds from the sale of murky liquid, were spent to help children suffering from the lack of clean water.

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