• A strange place for this underwater hotel was selected: an abandoned quarry near Shanghai. The hotel had to be opened in 2013, but due to problems with the financing the process was delayed. However, the first phase of construction has been completed!

  • Discus is perhaps the most popular brand of underwater hotels in the world. It is made up with two discs, surface and underwater ones. And the "Discus" will be located in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Despite the fact that Dubai hotel is not built yet, there are plans for construction of the same design in the Maldives

  • However, the Maldives already have an underwater hotel, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, six-star hotel, the main target audience are newlyweds. There is a chapel and a submarine underwater dining room with views of the coral reef. And the rooms are located in a surface part of the hotel

  • «Poseidon» is an underwater hotel in one of the islands of Fiji. In addition to the "standard" view of the coral reef creators of the hotel also offer a walk on the sea bottom at a special underwater vehicle with a cool (or hot) drink

  • Equarius Hotel in the famous entertainment district of Sentosa in Singapore actually can not be called underwater. However, the bedrooms in the most expensive rooms are located precisely near the underwater world. This is a huge wall of the aquarium, which is home to about 50 thousand species of fish

  • Jules Undersea Lodge is the most affordable of all the underwater hotels in the world. It is located near the coast of Florida in the United States. To get to the hotel you need to have a full diving outfit, but the services for guests include two bedrooms, a living room and a «wet room» for changing clothes

  • That’s how a unique hotel «Planet Ocean» at the Key West island in Florida will look like. The main part of the room price will go to the restoration of the coral reef and marine research off the coast of Florida

  • Underwater hotel in Zanzibar on Pemba Island is a more luxurious analog of house, built in the Swedish lake by artist Mikael Genberg. Searching a place for a hotel led him to Pemba, where he teamed with Zanzibar hotel and investors from Tanzania and constructed underwater hotel room

  • Translated from the Greek Hydropolis means «Underwater City». And this the name of the underwater hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is consistent with reality: a luxurious submarine construction has just everything that a man needs for a cheerful holiday, and its area is equal to the area of ​​Hyde Park in London

  • From the creators of the giant underwater hotel in Dubai: hotel Underwater World Resort in the resort city of Sanya on the south of island of Hainan. Now developers expect a building permit. And if it is received, a hotel with 180 rooms and the first Chinese casino will be designed under the water

Flowing Vacation:

Best Underwater Hotels

It's high time for vacations now. Somebody is packing bags for a trip to Turkey, somebody is being burned on a Greece beach, and somebody is leaning towards the tower of Pisa in Italy. And, perhaps, somebody will go to Koktebel or Sochi to support national touristic product. We studied this topic and concluded that you should have a vacation not on the beach, but in the sea. Or under the sea. It turns out, there are a few underwater hotels in the world and more of them are being built. Is such a hotel worth money asked for it? Do the visitors suffer from the attention of underwater animals?

Underwater hotels are not so rare in the world. Some of them are not luxurious at all. As, for example, Jules Undersea Lodge near the cost of Florida. One night in this hotel is comparable to the night in one of St.Petersburg non-branded hotels – it costs about 150 USD. However, only a a man with diver certificate from international PADI organization can get there. You can get it there. And then the tourist will open all the delight if resting there on Ki-Largo: manatees, peeping in windows, schools of colorful fish, underwater wi-fi and divers pizza delivery. They say that the hotel suits the underwater landscape naturally and doesn't disturb the inhabitants of the Mexico and Florida Bays. Even on the contrary: the man who saw all the beauty of this mysterious world, will never harm the ocean.

Jules competitors a hotel near Key West coast in Florida. «We’re working on creating an affordable, but luxurious underwater hotel with fully-designed security system. Our mission is unique, — Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel creators tell. And we’ll be the first on Earth who can complete an important mission. The hotel will help to raise money and become a base for the recovery of coral reefs according to global standards and for aquaculture research. That’s how we can save the planet Ocean from everyday and purposeful destruction by the planet Earth».

The same noble goal is set by L. Bruce Jones, the creator of the hotel on the island of Poseidon, Fiji. "There's something magical, mystical and very exciting in the idea of living under water. Many of us were fond of Jules Verne books, - he says. Poseidon hotel is an idea that I've been carrying out for many years. The project was realized due to my relations. I've been working in companies that built civil submarines for 19 years. And thanks to the amazing group of people who helped me with the project». In the result a unique hotel was built, containing 19 capsule rooms with remote control which can be used to feed fish passing by.

But the creators of the underwater hotesl in the United Arab Emirates and China pursue quite different goals: megalomania of East, unspeakable luxury, comfort and dazzling beauty. By the way, Underwater World Resort hotel in Hainan expects that it will be visited not only by the richest people of Asia, but also the ones of Russia. Although the environmental aspects of construction were not forgotten here. The hotel will not damage the ocean floor and coral reefs, because it will hang on the anchor chains in water. All stages of construction will be accompanied by a team of marine biologists not to damage the underwater living creatures. The hotel will receive energy of from the solar batteries, located in the topside. Air in the conditioners will be cooled by a cool sea water at depth, passing through the tubes, located on the outer walls of the underwater part of the hotel.

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