• Now Lewis Pugh is involved in the company to establish a protected area in the Ross Sea

  • For immersion the non-profit organization X Prize Foundation has offered Cameron the award – $ 10 million. But he refused, saying that he did it for the sake of science

  • Breath holding record (9 minutes, 2 seconds), set by Natalia Molchanova in 2013, is still unbeaten

  • Pascal Bernabe describes his record as «the eight hours of pain», noting that to dive is not difficult, the main thing is to come up

  • It is said that Ken Worby pushed his glider to 555 km/h, but this figure is considered to be unofficial

  • His first expedition (by boat across the sea of Azov) Fedor Konyukhov have made as a fifteen-year-old boy

  • Reid Stowe was called «Odyssey of the XXI century» for his journey

  • It took a large team, extensive training and knowledge of the rules of physics to make Lasso Chalet’s record possible

  • Evil tongues say that the record of Carlos Burle didn't happen because he had jumped off the board, saving his girlfriend

Elements Challenge: Most Unusual Water Records

Man, as well as other forms of life, came out of the water. And since then he is irresistibly drawn back. Among them are athletes, tramps, scientists and just romance. But what unites them? Their strength of mind, they force us to think about global environmental issues, and how amazing and beautiful our planet is.

1. Lewis Pugh (England). At 22, Lewis swam across the English Channel, and realized that the Olympic Games and medals are not the most important things. The main thing is the idea that your skills help to convey to people. Since then, Pugh has set a lot of records, mostly in extremely cold water. In 1990, he became the first person to swim around The Cape of Good Hope, breaking through the huge waves. His achievements on the verge of life and death from hypothermia are dazzling. For instance, his longest swim in the Arctic Circle (the Barents Sea) at a water temperature of about 8 degrees. Over time, the temperature that Pugh's body can withstand, dropped to zero Celsius, and the gap between the two world records was once just two days!

Lewis Pugh puts his records not just for fun or money, but for the love to nature. So he is trying to attract attention to the problem of global warming and to the protection of marine ecosystems.

2. James Cameron (USA). The most top-grossing producer on the planet is on our list for a reason. In 2012 the Creator of «Terminator» and «Avatar» again made the whole world to talk about him, and the reason for this was more than any blockbuster. Cameron became the first person to single-handedly sink to the bottom of the Mariana trench, to its deepest point – the Challenger deep. It was succeeded only with the help of the unique underwater vehicle; it took about 8 years for Australian engineers to develop it.

The whole process of immersion and emersion took about 7 hours, successfully completed just a few hours before the London premiere of «Titanic 3D». It is interesting that even at a depth of 11 kilometers producer could use social networks, conducting a live broadcast on Twitter. Unfortunately, James was unable to take samples of soil from the bottom due to technical problems with the robotic arm. Instead, he spoke about «the soft, jelly-like, but a flat» bottom of the trench and organisms that resemble shrimps and eat the remains of fish.

3. Natalia Molchanova (Russia). She owns more than 40 world records, as she is the first woman to overcome the depth of 100 m only on breath-hold. Natalie began to free-dive (immerse in water without breathing means) when she was 40 years old. In 13 years of sports career she has become the champion in all six sport disciplines.

In addition to sporting success, Natalia led the research activities at the Institute of Physical Education, and has been preparing free-divers-athletes. Unfortunately, in 2015 during a training session near the Spanish island of Ibiza, at a depth of about 40 meters Natalia was left behind the main group of swimmers, apparently caught in a strong undertow. Searching for her took five days, but had no any results. Today her son Alex continues Natalia's business, he also has several records in this sport.

4. Pascal Bernabe (France). Hard to believe, but this holder of the world record for scuba diving is not a professional athlete! Yes, he fearlessly explores the underwater caves and sinks to such depths that the equipment sometimes refuses to fix it. But in ordinary life, Pascal Bernabe is a primary school teacher in a French school. However, in July 2005, he proved that nothing is impossible for a teacher, he immersed with the scuba to a depth of 330 meters near the island of Corsica.

Interestingly, initially the depth of immersion was supposed to be 10 meters less, but the rope which held the diver, just stretched. All the dive took Pascal about nine hours, but the descent lasted only ten minutes – the rest of the time was needed for the ascent and decompression. By the way, despite the many witnesses, Bernabe's record was not registered by representatives of Guinness World Records. So the official world record belongs to the Portuguese Nuno Gomes (318 meters).

5. Ken Worby (Australia). His record of speed on the water surface will soon reach 40 years old, but it is still unbeaten. In 1978, on his jet boat with a poetic name «Spirit of Australia», Ken raced on the water surface at a speed of 511 km / h. But his most important achievement is the fact that he managed to survive. After all, racing on similar boats is one of the most dangerous kinds of extreme sports. Deadly trick lies in the fact that the records are set at the intersection of two elements - water and air. If the boat is too heavy, it buries its nose in the water. And a light one will take off and then hit the surface. In any of these cases, the pilot is doomed.

It is worth noting that now Worby is a staunch opponent of high computer technologies in speedboats racing. Worby says bbout his opponents, who have been trying to beat the Australian by a high-tech for many years: «Men do not understand that this is boat but not a plane! Therefore, their chances to beat my record are the absolute zero».

6. Fedor Konyukhov (Russia). The man needs no introduction. The eternal wanderer, who conquered and furrowed, apparently, all corners of the world, is going on the road again. This time - on a balloon. But since our rating is still connected with water, let's remember what seas and oceans obeyed to Fyodor. Konyukhov was the fastest to cross the Atlantic in a rowing boat. Not approaching to the shore, in full self-sufficiency, he had 46 days and 4 hours in the ocean. Anyway, it seems that the Atlantic Ocean for him is an amusement park. After all, at different times the traveler conquered it as much as 17 times on different ships!

Another record is the Pacific Ocean crossing in 160 days. And also using the oars. In the early 90's he also made the first Russian non-stop round the world trip on a yacht and set a world record single-handedly beating around Antarctica. And in the assets of Fyodor Konyukhov are five marine world-round trips. Art took considerable time in his travels. Just imagine - a lone wanderer in the middle of the ocean is writing a book, or even a picture. Well, sometimes inspiration can only come when you're away from people.

7. Reid Stowe (USA). I wonder how it is – for more than three years not to walk on a solid ground? Ask the retired US sailor Reid Stowe. On his yacht «Ann» a 58 years old sea wolf three times circled the globe, «winding» a total of 8 thousand kilometers, and being in the open ocean for 1053 days. By the way, Reid began his journey not alone, but together with his wife Sonja. However, near the coast of Australia, she felt unwell and went to the shore, where doctors pronounced pregnancy. You can, of course, condemn the Stowe, but he did not give up from his venture and continued on his way.

For three years traveling Reid, he said, had never been lonely. Yoga helped him to maintain physical and mental strength in a confined yacht space. He also did not experienced any problems with food supply, he had a large supply of canned foods on board, he extracted fresh seafood himself, drank rainwater and cultivated greens on board of the ship. It is worth noting that his expedition Stowe made not from idleness. Sponsors interested in how people behave in solitude, when the spacecraft of the future goes to Mars.

8. Lasso Chalet (Switzerland). Try to jump in a puddle from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and then you realize what the world cliff-diving (diving from natural height) record holder had to feel. The Swiss canton of Ticino is the best suited place for this sport. It is located in the Alps and is filled with canyons and waterfalls. The waterfall with a telling name Cascata del Salto was chosen by Lasso for the jump. The height of the falls is 58 m and the depth of the pool is about 8 m.

To begin with, a special platform was built over a waterfall. Then a countless number of boulders were dropped down, in order to calculate the optimal flight path. In addition, in the basin of a waterfall there were placed six ionizers for softening the upper layers of water for Lasso's splashdown was not too tough. The free fall lasted for 3.5 seconds, and the speed at the moment of entry into the water reached 123 km / h. The medical team, being on duty on the banks, quickly inspected the athlete and did not find any injuries, they stated that the jump had been considered successful.

9. Carlos Burle (Brazil). Once a year in the Portuguese town of Praia do Norte there comes St. Jude - a hurricane wind, raising waves of a nine-storey house. The world surfing fans came to their roaring like a butterflies on the fire. In 2013, among them there was forty-five years old Brazilian Carlos Burle - a man riding the wave of 30 meters high, it was a world record. The previous record belonged to the surfer Garrett McNamara and was almost 24 meters. However, representatives of the Guinness Book of Records were not present at Carlos record, as well as at Pascal Bernabe's diving.

In any case, this person is worthy of respect. After all, Carlos had to get to such a high wave in order to save human life. His colleague Maya did not keep the balance on the board while surfing and fell into the water - and could die. And Carlos, who rushed to help her, has risen to the high crest of the wave without knowing it. As a result, the girl survived, she managed to escape with only a broken ankle.

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