• The island Simakao will be equal to 654 football fields

  • Huge investments of $ 15 billion had justified itself – the island of Kansai airport had survived the earthquake of 7 points and the typhoon with wind speed of 200km/h

  • The Isle of Notre Dame was created on the Canada centenary in just 10 months

  • The Pearl of Qatar is the only place in the country where foreigners are allowed to buy housing

  • In the future “The World” will be expanded to “The Universe” by building islands in the shape of the Sun and other planets

  • The island provides a living area and entertainment center with hotels, restaurants and parks

  • The Flevoland province is leading in the number of installed wind turbines

  • A tunnel was built for land transport under the bridge

  • When the Venetian islands did not exist, the two cities were connected by the world's longest wooden bridge (4 km)

  • "Peberholm" can be translated as "Pepper island"

Artificial Islands: Technology in Alliance with Nature

Are there any deserted Islands in the middle of Europe? Is it possible to create an island of dust, and how the island inside out looks like? Artificial Islands, man-made pieces of land, often appear in extremely harsh conditions. The most beautiful and unusual of them, real and projected, are today in our Water-gallery.

1. Simakao (Singapore). Two eternal woes of an island state are lack of areas and waste disposal. Singaporeans have found a solution to both problems. Eight kilometers from Singapore the Simakao Isle, grows out of ocean. Municipal solid wastes are building material to provide it. First, they burn them, simultaneously providing energy to the plant and surrounding areas, and then by a specially constructed road, the resulting ashes are taken to the island. The new island certainly would not be eroded by waves, engineers had built him a rigid frame. And in order the wind not to carry away the valuable dust, it is pre-moistened with water and covered with metal plates. The construction of the island at a cost of $ 400 million is planned to be completed by 2040.

2. Kansai (Japan). The island-airport is in the midst of the raging elements. Surprisingly, the Japanese, accustomed to cope on their own, have created only the island itself, but the design of the airport was entrusted to the Italian Renzo Piano, one of the founders of high-tech style. Three reasons have contributed to the construction of the air Harbor in the middle of Osaka Bay: increased investment attractiveness of the region, shortage of land and noise pollution. Far away from the coast the aircraft can safely take off and land, not stunning the citizens. For the construction of the island, length 4 and a width of 1 km, it was required 10 thousand workers and 80 ships, 21 million cubic meters of soil.

3. Notre Dame (Canada). The only island in our list, built not in the sea... but on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec. It has only the name of the famous Parisian cathedral, because the main functions of the island are rest and entertainment. The material for it served 15 million tons of soil excavated during the construction of the Montreal metro in 1965. Any time of year you can find some exciting activity for everyone. In summer - the beach and bike paths. In winter - ice rinks for skaters. In the offseason the main visitors of the island are players of the Montreal Casino. In addition, the Formula-1 stadium was built on the island, named after the great Canadian driver Gilles Villeneuve, where the Canadian Grand Prix takes place.

4. The Pearl of Qatar (Qatar). Elite area of ​​Doha - the capital of this small Arab state, is built on an artificial island. Houses, hotels, shopping malls and all this grandeur is 350 meters from the coastline. The island's name was not chosen by chance. Before the Persian Gulf huge deposits of oil were discovered, the pearls, found in the Gulf, gave the main income for the budget of Qatar. The Pearl Qatar area is 4 million square meters, and the length of its coastline is 32 km. Construction on the island is still ongoing. The plan is to build a few blocks-twins of the European cities, such as the French Riviera or Venice.

5. The World Islands (UAE). The world's largest artificial archipelago. It is 4 km from the coastline, and its total area is 55 sq. km. The Idea of artificial islands building in the shape of the world map belongs to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, defense Minister of UAE. It was 7 islands were originally planned in the shape of Earth's continents, but then the price would be absolutely exorbitant. Therefore, the continents were broken into many small islets ranging from 14 to 83 thousand square meters. By the way, as planned by the architects, bridges to the archipelago had not been built, and it can be reached only by water.

6. Federation Islands (Russia). A large-scale project in the image and likeness of man-made Islands of Qatar and the Emirates was going to be carried out in Russia. Unfortunately, it's still a project. It was planned that the archipelago would consist of three Islands. In addition to the Federation, the outlines of which will exactly repeat the Russian border, the developer expected to build two satellite-islands with poetic names Sakura and the Young Moon. The proposed location of the alluvium is water area near Sochi, opposite the Maly Akhun Mountain. The length of the Federation island is 2.5 km and width 1.5 km. The total area of the Islands project is about 250 hectares.

7. Flevoland (The Netherlands). The biggest artificial island in the world with an area of 2.4 thousand sq. km. The same name youngest province of the Kingdom fits its territory. In fact, this island is inside out. Residents of the Netherlands did not follow the example of States, bringing the island in the middle of the sea. A country with centuries of experience of dealing with the extra water... just drained a whole lake! A large-scale project was implemented 13 years. Still in the province the powerful pumps operate to pump the arriving water back to the sea. By the way, a gateway in Flevoland is the so-called water bridge. Bikes and cars do not move across it, only boats and other small vessels.

8. Venetian Islands (USA). A chain of seven artificial Islands created in Florida, in Biscayne Bay between Miami and Miami Beach. Only six of them are habitable. It was decided not to build any housing on the Island Flagler Monument, making this Paradise a favorite destination for picnics among locals. Initially, it was planned to pan out a lot of more man-made areas in the Bay and even to build a dam. However, the plans were inappropriately interfered with Mother Nature. A hurricane in 1926 caused considerable damage to the city and plunged Florida into the Great depression. Old pilings protruding from the water, still reminiscent of the American dream collapse ...

9. Peberholm (Denmark). Miracle island that combines environmental friendliness, high technology and strange culinary humor. The natural Saltholm (Salt Island) lies near it. The fact is that Denmark and its closest neighbor, Sweden, are connected by the bridge that fades into the underwater tunnel. It was wanted to make Saltholm the transition point, but the government had listened to the environmentalists and decided to build for these purposes an artificial island. Along the way, an interesting eco-experiment took place: Peberholm upon completion generally was forbidden to touch. Since 2007, the island is only accessible to biologists, and only once a year. Nature decides for itself how and by whom to settle the island. At the moment there are 500 species of plants, live mice, birds and around 25 species of birds.

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