• Californian sea lion Snouty who was treated after he has been trapped is being returned to nature on July, 25, 2014. The animal has deep scars, but he is absolutely healthy.

  • This young grey whale first got trapped in the net of commercial crab catch, and then he got into another. The surgery was made right on the shore of California.

  • The body of young sea elephant Gordo was wrapped in the rope. It burned into his hips, but fortunately damaged only skin. Rescue team guarded 300-kg animal on the shore, injected sleeping pills and cut the rope. When the animal woke up, they watched him until he went into the water.

  • Californians reported abot sea elephant Green Tie in February, 2013. Amost adult animal weighting 500 kg had a serious injury around his neck. Veterinarians of the Pacific Centre gave the elefant sleeping pills to examine him.

  • … And they found out that he had already got to the Center in 2011, when he had a green plastic hoop (that’s why he got such a name). This time veterinatians found intertrigo (skin rash). It is not dangerous for the animal.

  • HC is a young sea lion, whose neck was roped wrapped by a rubber band. It burned into skin at 1,5 см! The animal was saved in 96 hours. He was caught, a surgery was made. Then he had a day of rest and was set free.

  • Plastic band grew into the neck of this 200-kg sea lion. He was noticed several weeks before the surgery, but the saviours could hardly catch him. The wound was rather old: plastic band got under the skin and new layer of skin began to grow upon it.

  • He spent 3 days in the Center – from 9th till 11th of Mach 2012. During this time he was examined by veterinarians and didn’t find any deviations. He was set free on the Rodeo beach not far from the Center.

  • Adult sea lion SSRO was found on the pierre in Monterey, California. He got fishing line grown under his skin. He was caught with an underwater net, taken to the Center and cured. The next day he was set free.

  • Young sea lion Ear Muffs was found thу same day on the rookery. Fishing line grew into his skin and damaged his muzzle and ears. It was deleted under anesthesia. Fortunately, the seal had no other problems with his health and he was released to nature.

Acquired Deformity:

How Debris in The Ocean Cripples All Living Things

«Ugly face of debris in the ocean» - that's how the story of sea lion Snouty in Pacific center of marine mammals. His curious snout tangles in home-made crab trap and fish net, thrown into the ocean by some irresponsible fisherman. Californian sea lion who cant' even open his mouth was notices by volunteers in the end of March but they couldn't catch him. On 25th of June they shot him with a tranquilizer dart and finally took the animal to the rehabilitation. On 25th of July he was set free.

Snouty was lucky to be trapped when he was not a pup, but an independent adult animal. Workers of the center were happy with his aggressive behaviour which meant that he is fully adopted for independent life.

Such problems of marine mammals is well know not only to the staff of the Center, but to volunteers and members of other social organisations in California as well. And everybody know that man is guilty for what happened to Snouty.

Similar problems are known to specialists from Finland who are recovering the population of the only Finnish endemic mammal – Saimaa ringed seal. There a bit more than 300 specimen left, which is by the way not bad, because scientists started with 150-180 subjects. However these animals are still endangered. They are mostly threatened by nets and fish traps.

Final titer of this touching video means: «Let the first swimming of a seal pup won't be finished with death in fishing nets».

Unfortunately, this problem is urgent in Russian part of the Gulf of Finland and Ladoga lake. Poaching tackles are found in places where it is prohibited to catch fish for everybody except indigenous people – like in the reserves. Experts are sure that it's usesless to fight against it with simple prohibition.

Sbor, the grey seal pup, who recovered in Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center on the territory of Vodokanal of St.Petersburg sewage station, became one of many victims of fishing nets.

Sbor, the grey seal pup, who recovered in Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center on the territory of Vodokanal of St.Petersburg sewage station

Nets which can injure marine animals should be fought. In Europe fishermen are provided by special nets which are safe for marine animals. But thу main problem is finances. The problem is diagnosis, but there's yet no remedy.

Foto: НП «ЦРММ», Pacific Marine Mammals Center.

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