Water Gallery

Water Colours: Colored Lakes of Planet

We all know that unusual forms of life can occur in the depth of water. But ponds may turn out to have an unexpected color, with all colors of the rainbow. The most mysterious colored lakes generated a lot of legends, presented in this water-gallery.

Message to Masses: Brightest Social Water Saving Projects

Social advertising, art objects, art events — all ways are good to preserve the most valuable resource. When the words that the water should be protected, lose their power, creativity helps. We present the projects that really make you think and change your attitude to the problem of pollution and lack of water.

Water and Space: Oceans Among Emptiness

Still Watergallery traveled only on the Earth. But why not to make the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, figuring out how things work with water in the farthest corners of the Universe? Fasten your seat belts and, as Gagarin said, go!

Save and Preserve: Marine mammals in danger

Ice Melting, ocean temperature rise, water pollution - it turns out that the threat hanging over the entire populations of marine animals is connected with humans. Both 30-meters giant whales and baby- dolphins swim into oblivion due to the activities of their two-legged "brothers." Fortunately, the mind increasingly wins over greed and arrogance. There are species which are thinking about saving too late, but someone else can still be saved.

Power of Water: Ten Most Ambitious Hydroelectric Power Plants

People have been using the power of water for more than a century: once the wheel in the creek helped to get flour from grain, and now powerful hydroelectric plants provide millions of people on Earth with electricity. We are going tell you about the most famous of them.

SOS: Ten Reservoirs on the Verge of Catastrophe

Humanity is actively developing natural resources, and even the largest reservoirs of the planet are no longer able to resist the negative effects. Rivers, lakes and the sea, which we regard as world heritage, more and more often get into the alarm list of environmentalists. The first ten need help most of all.

Smart Garden: We Appreciate Every Drop

On hot summer days, plants that decorate our garden need more water as well as we do. But excessive watering is harmful, and the water should be saved. Modern technology and little tricks come to help us.

The end of summer in Repino: End of season 2015

At the end of July, all the Ladoga ringed seal - Patients Center for the Study and conservation of marine mammals - went to conquer the native open spaces from the shores of Valaam archipelago. But last patient - Baltic ringed seal Baby Inger – will remain in Repino until next year.

Tough Season - 2015: Center for Study and Conservation of Marine Mammals Patients

In 2015 the season of seals rehabilitation started two weeks later than in 2014 - not in the middle, but at the end of March. Almost immediately, St. Petersburg Center for study and conservation of marine mammals in Repino started to receive difficult patients. The exact cause is hard to be found out without a comprehensive study, but zoologists suggest that the reason is unusual ice conditions in the Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga.

Hope for the future: 9 ways to change world using water

After the news about suffering from drought on the other side of the Atlantic – both in developing countries such as Cuba, and developed ones as the US - we start to think that the limited water resources are not just words. With the help of our colleagues in the non-profit organization Global Water Inc. we are studying how water supply improvement may change the world.

World Water Day 2015: Water is…

World Water Day 2015 is held under the motto «Sustainable development». Perhaps this is the main idea of ​​the global environmental movement: reversing the scientific and technological progress is no longer possible, which means that development should follow the path of harmonious interaction with the environment. That is why in 2015, on March 22 The United Nations Organization which accumulates all efforts to celebrate this date decided to answer the question, what the water in the world today is.

Cry for Help: Main Problems of Planet's Freshwater

In the wake of news about the problems of Lake Baikal, we remembered that the largest fresh water reservoir of the planet is not the only the one which is threatened by an environmental disaster and destruction. Such problems are mainly the result of human actions, direct (development banks, construction of hydraulic structures), or indirect ones (impact on climate change). In February, our digest contains the main reservoirs of the planet, which has already an experience of negative impact of Homo Sapiens.

Sociology: St. Petersburg Citizens on the Water, Seals and the Baltic Sea Protection

In December of each year, the St. Petersburg Vodokanal conducts sociological research. Its goal is to find out what citizens think about the quality of water supply, drainage, maintenance of fountains and on another work of the enterprise aimed at preserving the Baltic Sea and its inhabitants. Da-Voda has studied the sociological report and shares the main conclusions with you.

New Year in ECO style: Decorating house without harming nature

This year we have prepared an unusual quest for all those who care about the future of our planet. Answer a few simple questions and find out what environmentally friendly Christmas Tree is right for you! Well, get the best Christmas decorations as a bonus: spectacular, simple to make and even edible.

Urban Water Ponds Treatment: Which is Better - Bacterium or Excavator?

Of course, looking at the brown-green slime covered by rainbow sheen, we all understand that ponds, lakes and rivers located in the city need to be cleaned. But is it worth doing it in «old-fashioned» way scooping slimy mud from the bottom by excavators, and in some places even draining the entire body of water? Shouldn't we try to pay attention to the experience of European cities and the latest scientific developments in a century of nano- and biotechnologies? We'll try to understand.

Foreign Invaders: How New Organisms Displace Aborigens

At the American Ecological Society conference, held in August, scientists called lionfish (Pterois) a real terminator. And there's a good reason: the usual predators destroy their prey until there's not much of it left and then move to another area. Lionfish stay at the same place until they eat the entire population.

Acquired Deformity: How Debris in The Ocean Cripples All Living Things

«Ugly face of debris in the ocean» - that's how the story of sea lion Snouty in Pacific center of marine mammals. His curious snout tangles in home-made crab trap and fish net, thrown into the ocean by some irresponsible fisherman. Californian sea lion who cant' even open his mouth was notices by volunteers in the end of March but they couldn't catch him. On 25th of June they shot him with a tranquilizer dart and finally took the animal to the rehabilitation. On 25th of July he was set free.

Flowing Vacation: Best Underwater Hotels

It's high time for vacations now. Somebody is packing bags for a trip to Turkey, somebody is being burned on a Greece beach, and somebody is leaning towards the tower of Pisa in Italy. And, perhaps, somebody will go to Koktebel or Sochi to support national touristic product. We studied this topic and concluded that you should have a vacation not on the beach, but in the sea. Or under the sea. It turns out, there are a few underwater hotels in the world and more of them are being built. Is such a hotel worth money asked for it? Do the visitors suffer from the attention of underwater animals?