• Using salt water, the artist saves drinking one, the supply of which, as we know, is not infinite

  • From left to right: whales, drawn by the water from the tap, sea and distilled water

  • This exhibition is mobile and can be moved anywhere

  • Gradually flooded sculptures are covering with a layer of corals and become "home" for the fish and other creatures

  • This sculpture is called "Inheritance". Will future generations receive from us mountains of trash on land and in the ocean? It is highly likely.

  • "All life depends on water. Together we must think about how to preserve it," say the creators of the project

5 Artists Inspired by Water

The water element is creative, and it concerned artists for a long time. Some modern artists are trying not only to convey the beauty of each drop, but to teach us how to protect the oceans, rivers, lakes. When the paints and canvas are insufficient, the most unusual means of expression are in the course. Presenting the TOP-5 projects, which we were surprised and pleased.

1. Cindy Lane, Australia. This artist just loves the ocean and its inhabitants. Her watercolors convey the fragility and beauty of the underwater world. Their main secret is that instead of plain water Cindy uses the sea water. Firstly, it emphasizes the connection with nature, and secondly, gives the unique features to each drawing. The texture is more "grainy" due to the interaction of the dye with salt. Since Cindy lives on the ocean she has no any consumable problems.

2. Jason Taylor, UK. The composition called "Tide", also known as the "Horsemen of the industrial Apocalypse" was set in 2015, in London, on the banks of the Thames. The height of each sculpture is 3.3 meters. Instead of the heads of the horses there are pumps used in oil production. At high tide, the figures are hiding in the depths of the river, but with a decrease in the water level their horrible outlines slowly begin to emerge. This happens twice a day, in the end, the sculpture can be viewed entirely. Jason Taylor hopes his unusual installation will make the inhabitants of the planet think about the future, particularly about climate change. By the way, other works by Taylor are also associated with water. For example, he created the world's first underwater Museum in Mexico. Exhibits are amazingly realistic sculptures, which demonstrate how the people who benefit from the cult of consumption are neglecting environmental concerns. According to the idea of Taylor, such museums will help to divert the attention of divers from the beautiful but extremely vulnerable coral reefs.

3. Basma and Nura Buso, Saudi Arabia. Installation "Water machine" was presented in 2016, at the Biennale of design in London. Such machines, only smaller, can be seen in supermarkets: drop coin and get chewing gum in the shape of a ball or candy. Instead of candy artist filled a huge transparent ball by capsules with plain water, to emphasize that in modern society precious resource has long been seen as something ordinary and always available. But this is not so, and nobody knows more about it than Basma and Noor, as in their country water crisis is one of the main problems.

4. Simon Beck (UK). Where water turns to snow and ice, artists can also find what is called, the scope for creativity. Mr. Beck, living a part of the year in the resort town of Les arcs in the Alps, at first he became interested in orienteering, and then tried to "stomp" in the snow divergent paths in the form of a star. Since then, he has learned to create huge drawings which from the height of bird flight remind you a message from the aliens. Beck usually works alone, armed with a prepared scheme, compass and snowshoes. "I want to show how beautiful the mountains and snow are to make people realize that they need to save it in this pristine purity," says the artist.

5. Malgorzata Hodakovskaya (Germany). Sculptures, carved from wood, brought her great success, but at some point, Malgorzata decided that it was time to try something new. Thus was born a series of amazing fountains. Water jets are a continuation of bronze figures, light and elegant. When looking at angels or ballerinas heart just skips a beat with delight – so harmonious these images are.

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