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The History of Protection: How Petersburg Was Saved from Floods

The Northern capital, built in the delta of Neva, always had uneasy relations with the river and the sea. For all its history the city has experienced more than 300 floods! The threat of flooding has always been real, and all this time rulers and scientists have devised ways to prevent destruction and sacrifice. This we tell in the next Water-gallery.

Salt of the Earth: Dead Sea and Other Amazing Lakes

Salty lakes on our planet are not uncommon, although many of us think that there are much more freshwater ones. These lakes may look like small seas or as very modest ponds, but the size here is not the main thing. Each one has a unique ecosystem, and each one has its own mystery. They can be admired, they can get the right substances, they will help to improve health and tell about the past of the Earth. So, we represent TOP-9 amazing salt lakes.

Special Report: How Crayfishes Work at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Nevsky Crayfish is not only our main character and representative in social networks. He is also a well-deserved worker - along with other crayfishes he controls the quality of water treatment in the South-West treatment facilities of St. Petersburg Vodokanal. When does Nevsky Crayfish go on vacation? Why do we need to change our crayfish on the outlandish ones, and how is the biomonitoring system arranged? Nevsky Crayfish will tell and show you right now.

Seal Kindergarden 2017: Summing Up the Season

Water Properties: Ordinary Miracles in Our Lives

To Stop the Desert: Innovative Landscaping Projects

For millions of people on the planet "desert" is a terrible word, a synonym for hunger, thirst and death. Huge areas lacking water, and hence life, just keep growing and growing, and until recent times nothing could be done about it. Our current Water-gallery presents projects that have challenged the drought, as well as people that turn dead lands into blooming oases in the most unusual ways.

Eternal Warmth: Most Unusual Geothermal Wellsprings

Water is the substance that gives life. Even if it is coming from the earth like a scalding fountain. Even in ancient times, people found the use of geothermal sources. And to the XXI century the scope of their application has grown from baths to power plants that produce environmentally friendly energy. The most amazing objects will be discussed in today's Water-gallery.

Artificial Islands: Technology in Alliance with Nature

Are there any deserted Islands in the middle of Europe? Is it possible to create an island of dust, and how the island inside out looks like? Artificial Islands, man-made pieces of land, often appear in extremely harsh conditions. The most beautiful and unusual of them, real and projected, are today in our Water-gallery.

5 Artists Inspired by Water

The water element is creative, and it concerned artists for a long time. Some modern artists are trying not only to convey the beauty of each drop, but to teach us how to protect the oceans, rivers, lakes. When the paints and canvas are insufficient, the most unusual means of expression are in the course. Presenting the TOP-5 projects, which we were surprised and pleased.

White and Fluffy: 5 Facts about the Snow

Hard to believe, but a huge number of people on the planet, have never seen the snow. And for us, no blizzards, drifting snow and a mild winter is not winter at all. The snow never ceases to surprise us, inspires records and sets challenging tasks, and this is what our next Water-gallery is about.

Letter from Past: Water in History of St. Petersburg Postcards

Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and water is an integral part of its harmonious appearance. Views of the Northern capital are often called «postcard views». However, the postcards that were produced in Russia, represented not only the main Petersburg. We suggest you to make small but fascinating walk into the past and see what the rivers, bridges, beaches and other water bodies were.

Water on Top: Unusual Water Towers

Thanks to technological progress, the water in the homes is supplied by powerful pumps. And earlier, when on centralized water supply system was yet in project, water towers resolved this problem. Some of them are still working, others have purely aesthetic function. Such objects will be discussed in today's Watergallery.

Nameless and Only: We Investigate the Cleanest Lake of St. Petersburg

The first year the CPS strongly recommends not to swim in the waters of the Northern capital, because the water in them does not correspond to norms on sanitary-chemical and microbiological indicators. Or both at once. However, there is one exception – the Bezymyannoe (which means «Nameless») lake in the Krasnoe selo village in St.Petersburg. This summer it was again the only one in the «green» list. We decided to check whether it is really a paradise for city dwellers who dream to cool off in the heat and relax on the beach.

From Source to Mouth: Learning Water Dictionary

We admire the ponds, use them and often take for granted, without thinking how and where the rivers flow, how the lakes emerge. But to truly appreciate it, you need to understand how they work - at least in general terms. Our next Water-gallery will help to understand the terms associated with water travelling on the planet's surface.

Elements Challenge: Most Unusual Water Records

Man, as well as other forms of life, came out of the water. And since then he is irresistibly drawn back. Among them are athletes, tramps, scientists and just romance. But what unites them? Their strength of mind, they force us to think about global environmental issues, and how amazing and beautiful our planet is.

Kindergarten for Seal Pups 2016: Patients Are on Recovery

This time, the season at the Center for the study and conservation of marine mammals in Repino started on March 19, and only 19 animals received rehabilitation. The founders of Baltic Seal Friends Foundation Vyacheslav Alekseev and Elena Andrievskaya continue to do everything possible to make every cub able to return to their natural habitat. And we introduce you the kids who have already received names.

Water Adventures: Amazing Forms and Facts

We are used to wash in the morning, to put ice cubes in a glass, to remove the snow from the porch and to enjoy the turquoise waves. Water in all its forms sometimes seems to be something trivial and simple, but actually it is able to do miracles, and in our gallery you will see the most unusual footage of it.

Road to Shore: the Most Famous Water Highways:

Is it possible to drive over the bridge to the sky or to ride on the ocean waves on your own car or in an old train? It turns out it is! Browse through our Water-gallery and make sure engineering genius can not only subdue the watery element, but also create stunningly beautiful landscapes with it.

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