Your Best Gift: Eco-Friendly Surprises for New Year

ome, work, children, family are the basis of human happiness. And every time before the holidays, we are puzzled with the question «What presents should be made?» Let's try to figure out how to make nice gifts for loved ones, teaching them how to save water (and not only) resources.

For home

Eco-bag. Taking care of loved ones, and hunting for gifts – that is pre-Christmas shopping. In addition to tight purse, you will need some large containers for shopping. Plastic bag is not environmentally-friendly, paper bag is not very practical, but the so-called eco-bag is just right! Made of jute or cotton, it immediately shows the owner as a person concearned about the environment. Natural material can withstand up to 20 kg weight so the purchase can be huge. By the way, if desired, the bag can be applied by any print with vegetative colours.

Выбрать подходящую эко-сумку не составит труда

Household NON-chemicals. Modern housewives, as doctors, have the main rule - do no harm. A lot was told about the horrors of household chemical goods without us. Question is how to replace them. Actually, you can find a lot of means for eco-friendly washing, cleaning or personal hygiene, and not only foreign, but domestic production. They are composed of only biodegradable and hypo-allergenic ingredients and do not pollute water and not do any harm to nature. Soap nut (soap berry) or olive oil soap are responsible for the purity of household chemical goods, flower extracts or coffee give a nice scent. The most pleasant gift for the hostess will be the set of several bottles with similar goods.

Мыло на основе натуральных масел – отличная альтернатива

For office

The workaholics also can not do without gifts. New year's gift for business partner, colleagues or boss, also may be eco-friendly.

Banana or cork? The usual diary, even if it is in a beautiful cover, is no surprise. But stationery made from banana paper or corkwood will decorate your workplace. These gifts are very nice to hold in hands, but the main advantage is that they are made from the waste of primary production. For example, the banana paper is made from fibers of a served banana trees, cork cardboard is made from scraps and sawdust of corkwood. By the way, this material is used not only for the covers of notebooks, but for pens and pencils, and such set looks very original.

Канцтовары из вторсырья: модно и стильно

Eco-charging for gadgets. Have you ever presented a source of alternative energy? Of course, no one is forcing you to buy a wind power plant, there are easier ways. For example, solar powered chaargers for electronic gadgets. You can select any shape, but vegetative kinds will look more advantageously – a tree or a sunflower. The lucky owner will only have to put the device on the window and connect the smartphone or tablet via the USB cable. Of course, this charging method will take more time, but it is free and does not require sockets.


For little ones

Obviously, the baby gift should be safe and do not allocate harmful substances. And you can give such a thing, and the kid himself playing will begin to think about ecology and water conservation.

Experiments with water. Great gift is a bright set for the younger experimenter: more than two dozen experiments with detailed instructions plus all the required devices and ingredients. «Super-submarine», «Tornado in a bottle», «Singing glasses» — the names of the experiments will be of interest even for an adult. A good excuse to spend time together and to teach a child a correct view of water use from an early age .

Toy kitchen. Global brands that produce adult technique, actively represent your product in baby stores in the form of a toy mini-models of kettles, steam irons, or even entire kitchens. You can put on the stove a pot which boils water or even cooks coffee. And you can really wash the dishes in the sink, remembering the simple rules of economy.

На маленькой кухне вода тоже не должна литься зря

Soft toys from WWF. It's not just stuffed animals, with a distant resemblance to the original. Created under the auspices of the world wildlife Fund, these toys are strikingly similar to their living counterparts. Dolphins, penguins, turtles, polar bears force you to truly love not only the sea creatures, but all animals in general. The profits from each kit sold is contributed to the protection of the environment. And the feeling of belonging to something great and good will not leave any child indifferent.

Каждый такой

For family

When decorating home, decorating office and taking care of children, do not forget about yourself. If you or your loved one likes potted plants and you're fed up with simple pots of geraniums, the final three gadgets will certainly give you some pleasure.

Home vegetable garden. To feel a free vacationer or Japanese bonsai master you will needsimple, but very useful set. It includes eco-friendly clay pot, about a pound of soil, plant seeds and some miniature garden tools. By the way, for the severe men who had already built a house and raised a son, in some sets there is an option to plant a tree. This is done according to the special certificate, coordinated with all instances, in your city Park. Double benefit is that you will be relaxed, and the urban ecosystem will improve.

А не открыть ли нам баночку ели?

Vegetative canned food. It is not about grandmother's salted tomatoes, but about living plants. You just open the jar that already has soil and planted seed in it, water it according to the instructions and wait for the first shoots. The funny thing is watching the faces of those who first see the canned food with a label, such as «Fur-tree». The main thing is not to forget to transplant the growing seedlings, otherwise there is a risk to destroy the plant.

Эти шары будут радовать не только в Новый год

Ecoball-Floriana. Designer beads from durable glass, inside which there's a herbal life – this is a Christmas tree toy, art object and flowerpot in one bottle. Flora in these balls is small and unpretentious,  like stone or cactus flower. But its decoration is a real flight of fancy. You have colorful minerals, and little toys and moss. The main thing is to create! You may decide later to hang this ball on the Christmas tree or to put on the shelf.

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