Where’s the Water From? Drink Air, Wash Books

Water from the air, manure and a book which makes ditry water safe — here are the news from the world of scienct, that we've prepared for you on Da-Voda.

Cleaning water with a book. Theresa Dankovich, University of Virginia chemist, created a gadget named Drinkable book. This «drinkable» book is made from paper covered by silver nanoparticles. Contact of water with pages destroys pathogens. A 20-pages book can kill even cholera and typhoid in 30 days.

Книгу и почитать можно, и воду ей очистить

Dankovich says that her Drinkable book is aimed at drawing attention to the fact that 780 million people in the world have a lack of water and 3.4 million people annually die from dirty water consumption.Pages in this book are not empty; there are tips for the rational use of water. The text is printed with ink, safe for human health. A book costs 2 USD. The first edition will soon travel to Africa and India, where Drinkable book will be distributed free of charge.


Water from the air. Dankovich MIT colleagues found out the most efficient way to get water from the air. Devices which collect water from fog already exist, but they can get only 2% of it. New gadget develped by American scientists has a high efficiency and is able to get 10% from fog.

Catching network of this device is made of thin stainless steel strands. Moisture trap has been already tested in the Atakama desert. The experiment showed that 12 liters of water per day can be gathered by the device. And if the nets are put in a row, the amount of gathered water increases.

Water from the manure. Another group of scientists from Michigan recently introduced the results of ten years of work, the system of nutrients separation. The device can select and filter water from cow manure. This type of waste contains 90% of water, but aslso many nutrients, carbon and pathogens.

Из навоза можно получить чистую питьевую воду

Michigan developers technology provides half a cubic meter of water from one cubic meter of manure. Steve Safferman, a representative of the development team, believes that their device will be in demand: «Herd of thousands of cows produces about 38 thousand cubic meters of manure per year. Here in Michigan we do not save water. But in the western U.S., where droughts are often, fresh water is a serious problem». The sales of the device will start later this year.


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