When in November is a joy: Drink, watch, dive

While we are here with you shivering at the November wind, wrapped in a warm jackets, Israel trees distribute Wi-Fi and water, weather visualize is demonstrated in Japan, and in the UAE more infrastructure elements are covered with water.

About nature. In the Israeli town of Zichron Yaakov "tree of the future" was constructed. It has solar panels instead of leaves. It looks, certainly, very strange, but it has a lot of useful features. For example, it can recharge a mobile phone, it will give Wi-Fi, and it will give light at nigh. Miracle tree is called eTree, and, among other things, it can also share cool drinking water. ETree creators claim that their invention is suitable not only for tropical countries, but also for those parts of the world where it’s much colder. The cost of such a gadget is about 100 thousand dollars.

About weather.A the exhibition CEATEC-2014 young Japanese engineers presented the instrument Tempescope, which is able to visualize the weather outside, taking into account the weather forecasts. The prototype receives information from the computer, but the production model will communicate with the phone. At the bottom of the rectangular glass is water, ultrasonic mist generator and fan ejecting water into the upper half of the tank..

If the weather forecasters promise rain, drizzle will appear in the tank, if mist is promised, then mist is formed in the tank. When it’s sunny, orange light will be turn on. Tempescope is also able to simulate clouds and thunderstorms.

About leisure. Well, Sony is not going to keep up with the representatives of the tourist industry, building the hotels under the water, and plans to build a store in the UAE at depth. It is known that the point of sale is located within the boundaries of Dubai. Buyers will be accompanied by professional divers and visitors to a depth of four meters. The opening is scheduled in December.

Первый подводный магазин Sony Xperia Aquatech Store откроется в Дубае

Фото: ArabianBusiness.com, Shutterstock.com.

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