What Grows on Tree: Choosing Eco-friendly Christmas Decorations

Very soon the beloved by millions holiday will make a knock on the door, and with it, the pre-Christmas hassle will break our life. The best part is the Christmas tree decoration. But what is better and safer: bright and durable balls from the usual plastic or traditional glass? And maybe the most environmentally friendly way is to make the toy yourself? Read and learn!

What tree is better, live or artificial one, we have told you a year ago. It's time to go to the toys.

Plastic: unbreakable benefit

Many people choose Christmas decorations made of plastic, and there are a lot of reasons. First, they are more durable. If these balls or pinecones will fall from the height, they will not be broken. Secondly, they are much cheaper than glass ones, and now you can buy them in any supermarket. But just a warning about the danger of plastic fully relates to Christmas toys.

Низкая цена – не повод покупать пластиковые игрушки

Let's calculate. One Christmas toy, made of plastic, weighs 20-30 grams. If you buy toys not individually, then the set weight together with the packaging can reach 50 grams. Therefore, decorating one Christmas tree height about two meters tall, it will take approximately 1-1,5 kg plastic. According to estimates of environmentalists, the production of this "beauty" takes about 6 kg of oil. More than half of it will burn in the furnaces of the factory as fuel, directly affecting the climate. Only about a third will serve as a raw material for toys, the rest is gasoline and diesel fuel for transportation. By the way, at all these stages, losses may be approximately 17 grams of crude oil that can pollute 6 sq cm of the soil or 350 cubic meters of water to the maximum permissible level.

Если выбрасываете пластиковые шары, постарайтесь найти пункт раздельного сбора мусора

If you have already expressed a preference for plastic toys due to their cheapness and relative "indestructibility", after the holiday, do not throw them in the trash! Plastic in nature decompose for hundreds of years. Hanging on your fir tree for a dozen holidays, it will make less harm to the environment, and will not poison the soil and water at the city dump. And remember – a relatively safe material for plastic toys is polyethylene.

Glass: the eternal values

There are fashionable things, and there are eternal ones. And, of course, this list includes the good old glass Christmas-tree toy. Nothing else can so fabulously flicker in the light of the Christmas light! The only disadvantage of glass is tears shed over fragments all of this beauty, so if your have small children or pets, simply hang your glass toys up and secure better.

Want something top? Look at the products from Germany or the Czech Republic. There are decent manufacturers near. For example, Klavdievsky factory in Lvov region, famous for toys, decorated in folk style.

Клавдиевские игрушки: дань традиции

And Russian producers, do not stay behind the foreign ones. It is now easy to find in a big store Christmas decorations from Krasnoyarsk factory "Birusinka". Most importantly, there is nothing harmful in their production. There are old-fashioned, made of blown glass, and they use regular foil and natural colors to add shine.

Технологии производства хрупкой новогодней красоты не меняются десятилетиями

Now let's talk about rarities. Of course, everyone in the family has favorite decorations that often we have got inherited from our grandparents. And the fact that they're glassware doesn't make them quite safe. An unpleasant surprise may be that 40-60 years ago, for example, paint based on lead was used when painting toys.

Такое "наследство" от бабушки может содержать вредные вещества

We in any case do not call to throw away family heirlooms! In modern homes, there are even more harmful objects. However, to keep such toys at home, in the attic, is still not recommended. Much safer is to pack them and send until the next New Year in a storeroom at the cottage or in the garage.

Tips for choosing

Let's start with the fact that Christmas decorations do not fall under the strict rules adopted for children's toys, and are considered as souvenirs. It concerns in equal measure both glass and plastic. And bright shiny paints may emit phenol and formaldehyde. Reading all this, it is easy to fall into depression before the holiday. But let's try to minimize the damage by these following simple tips:

  • Study the composition and require supporting documents. Sly fellows from street fairs are unable to draw any certificates; therefore it is best to go shopping at the big retailers that value their reputation.
  • There is also another advantage of shopping in enclosed spaces: when cold the most harmful components are "asleep", activating only when warm. Do not hesitate to smell the product in the store. Any extraneous chemical smell suggests that the toy needs to go back on the shelf.
  • Test the toys for durability. No need to scrape it with your fingernail, spoiling the presentation – it is enough to rub it with your finger. Traces of paint? Pass by.
  • Try to avoid toys covered in sequins. Moreover, their composition may include mercury, and also the composition with the help of which they are glued, is likely unsafe.
  • Choosing a garland? It is better to take the LED with thick wires. The fact is that LEDs are almost not heated. And, as we now know, some decorations are actually harmful near the heat source. In addition, LED light bulbs are environmentally friendly: they consume much less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs and last longer.

Handmade: a toy in the "eco" style

Doubting the quality of factory toys or just want to surprise the loved ones? Then make Christmas decorations yourself! The choice of materials is limited only by your imagination. Conventionally, these crafts can be divided into hard and soft ones.

Soft toys especially love the warmth of women's hands. Crochet? So knit miniature cute gloves or socks of natural wool. Love to sew? Funny patchwork deer or a small pouch of Santa Claus will look great on the Christmas tree. Even a simple wool ball with the glued twigs will perform on the tree the role of a cute lamb.

Гирлянда, связанная крючком: оригинально и экологично

Solid toys are usually made from natural materials. By the way, as eco-glue in their manufacturing, you can use pine resin. Believe me, out of the ordinary twigs, nuts, seeds, cones and dried fruits you can make an artwork to the envy of any toys manufacturer! And a few sticks of cinnamon and stars of anise in combination with the smell of Christmas tree and tangerines will create a unique flavor in your home.

As you can see, eco-friendly toy can be made from any material you have. Forewarned is only one – on the eve of the year of the Rooster factory toys manufacturers and home handmade masters of art will try to decorate their creations with feathers. To buy or not such jewelry is your own business, but you must remember that bird feather is the strongest allergen that can spoil the occasion.

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