We Know What You Did This Summer: Wine from Water, Washing without Water and Other Miracles

It seems to us, that Bible stories are becoming a new trend in science. Engineers have already learned to walk on water, and now they’ve found a way to make wine from water.

Wine from water. Businessmen from California (USA) invented the device that turns water into wine. Philip James and Kevin Boler called their gadget Miracle Machine. It is filled with water, special yeast and grape juice concentrate. Miracle Machine has a fermenting camera inside, that supports the desired temperature and pressure. The device can control the level of sugar and smell of what will become a wine.  

Developers of Miracle Machine kept the whole world in suspense for several weeks, promising that the device will cost 499 USD, and one portion of wine will cost two dollars. But in the end it turned out to be just a teaser of social advertising campaign as the winemakers promise not to turn water into wine, but vice versa. Some amount of money from every bottle of wine purchased from the online store will be transferred to the regions, whose inhabitants vastly need clean drinking water.

WTW_CambodiaSpot from Jeff Holt on Vimeo.

Non-washing dishes. Iranian student Said Rahiminedzhad doesn’t like to wash dishes so much that he invented a replacement of plates. He invented a device that bakes bread plates and doesn’t soak and flow. Now Rahiminedzhad is looking for investor to finance the release of his product on the market: «By changing the amount of portions and adding the needed amount of fiber and carbohydrates in the diet, you control your diet. All you need for it is flour, water and sunlight, because the gadget runs on solar enegry. Baking plates is much more cheaper than buying and wahsing it», - says the student-inventor.

If yu don't want to wash the dishes – eat them! That's how a plates baking device looks like

Non-water washing. Spanish colleagues of plates-baker made a presentation of their diplomas and presented a project of a washing machine which works without water. Their device cleans clothes using natural carbon dioxide and special chemical. Clothes washed in this machine do not need to be dried and ironed. Former students, and now the holders of diplomas with honors, Nicolas Araya and Nicolas Vuksanovic called his creation «Nimbus» and immediately patented it.

Washing machine«Nimbus» doesn't need water to wash clothes

Фото: Shutterstock, Electrolux Design Lab, DiaaDia.

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