Water Sports:

Walk On The Wet Side

Walking on water is now neither mystical, nor divine. On contrary, it's a regular activity for anyone. Or will be: a craftsman from Belarus, Alexander Konyukov, is about to lauch a mass production of his awesome sports device, aqua ski. Meanwhile , scientists from Italy agree with Mr. Konyukov: running on water has a great future. Both on Earth and beyond.

Aqua ski designed by Belarusian craftsman are much wider than snow ones. They are lightweight and made of durable material. Tests confirm that they allow the sportsman stay above water not only in motion, he could easily stand or glide slowly along the water surface. The aqua ski set is also combined with ski poles that would help the sportsman push himself against the water surface. It is assumed that a set for a beginner water skier will cost about $ 700. It is quite comparable with the prices of boats and catamarans . Now Konyukov intends to monetize the idea, looking for a company to invest in its distribution of water skiing at resorts and other vacation spots.

Belarusian craftsman tests the sample model of Aqua Ski

Somewhat similar idea came into the heads of Italian researchers. They have proven that people can easily walk on water in low gravity. A group of researchers from the laboratory of neuromotor physiology in Rome led by physicist Yuri Ivanenko even received the Ig Nobel Prize for this research. As we know, the award is given to those whose inventions make us laugh first, and then think.

These lizards can't swim. Instead, they glide on water

Ivanenko and colleagues have adapted a mathematical model, repeating the basilisk lizard running, the largest animal that uses gliding technique to move. Researchers believe that this race will be a good exercise and later entertainment for vacationers on camp sites constructed, for example, at the Moon.

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