Water for Babies: Learning to Save Water since Childhood

Educating children is extremely difficult and responsible, and among other things, you have to tell them why it is important to save consumable resources, especially water. The sooner you do it, the better. To help you there are fun experiments and games with water, which will bring joy and pleasure to the child.

For the little ones. From the first months of life, children are surrounded by a variety of toys, some of which are used in the bathroom. For example, a yellow rubber duck is an irreplaceable friend of your child's night time water treatment. Fun associated with bathing, helps to develop creative thinking, make child calm and educate. Kid gradually gets acquainted with the properties of water, and such device as "Magic tap" can help. The water comes to it from an already filled bath, so not a single extra drop will be spent on the interesting experiments of water pouring from one mold to another.

Веселый кран в ванной работает как насос

In order to minimize the so-called ecological footprint of your family, buy toys with eco-label guaranteeing the security control of production. The next criterion of ecological toys is maximum durability and suitability for recycling. It is important what the toy is made of. Production of all types of plastic and synthetic materials requires huge amounts of water. For example, to make 1-liter plastic bottle takes as much as 7 liters of precious water! Therefore, the most "environmentally friendly" toys are made of wood, natural rubber, flax, wool, cotton.

В данном случае деревянные игрушки – не признак трудного детства

By the way, there are eco-friendly alternative to specific toys, without which today's children no longer want to do, for example, wood constructors like Lego. They are pleasant to touch and hypoallergenic. By the way, the Lego company itself thinks about how to reduce their negative impact on the environment. This year, the brand has invested 1 million dollars in the development of new, more environmentally friendly material for the production of parts.

For older kids. Of course, children need to explain why and how to save water, but illustrative example is much more effective than words. For example, to show how much water flows away in vain during teeth brushing, put a bucket under an opened crane. Then the child will see himself that up to 10 liters per 1,5 minutes leak into the sewer. Encourage your daughter or son not only to turn off the water, but also to use a glass of mouthwash. This device can be of any color and shape so try to choose something a little brighter.

Этот ковбой совмещает в себе стаканчик и дозатор зубной пасты

Play the detective with the kids: try with to discover a leak in the bathroom. To find out if the toilet cistern flows or not, add food coloring to the water. Tell them why you need to monitor the state of plumbing.

Also, try to minimize the consumption of things. Dolls, cars, cubes, which no one else is playing and old clothes pass to your acquaintances, shelters, second-hands. Explain that if this is not done, the plastic dolls, molds and other toys turn into hazardous waste, polluting water bodies.

Do not think that the aquarium fish and turtles - are useless creatures. First, any pet is like a kids magical friend who understands everything. And secondly, with the help of the aquarium, you can teach children to take care of nature, to keep it clean and to demonstrate the circulation of substances in the nature and operation of biological mechanisms.

Аквариум дарит ребенку ценный опыт наблюдений за природой

To show how important water is in our lives, at home you can make a mini-farm with a system of growing greens - on the basis of the hydroponics (without land) or using the traditional method. By the way, there's a device called Aqua Farm, which combines aquaculture (growing fish in the tanks) and hydroponics. Fish supplies fertilizer for plants, and they purify the water.

Этот гаджет совмещает аквариум и мини-ферму

With the help of improvised means you can explain that water is not just a means to quench their thirst and hygiene. For example, a bottle of water can make a light bulb in a hut or in a tent. That is how residents in need of electricity in poor countries do.

For high school students. Today, computer games and applications about respect for nature and can be found. Control what TV programs your children watch, what books they read and what they download from the Web, and offer to try new things. There are activities for the whole family. Like a board game EcoLogic invented in St. Petersburg - a sort of "Monopoly", but with ecological overtones: it is expected to win only with the right balance, which is to be watched constantly. Thus, the principle of the game proves that preserving the environment is beneficial for everyone, especially for us.

В экологические настольные игры лучше играть всей семьей

In many schools, students talk about ecology and saving water, but these lessons should be complemented with interactive and vivid impressions. In St. Petersburg, you should definitely take the child to the Children's Environmental Center of Vodokanal, where he'll get entertaining experience with water, the story of the inhabitants of the Baltic Sea, quizzes and educational films. And also watch animated cartoons, where Neva Crawfish tells everything you need to know about water in nature and in everyday life.

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