Water Arithmetic in Russia: Benefit Installing Counter

The old saying «What is saved is earned» applies in full measure to the consumption of water. More and more Russians are making the choice in favor of reasonable economy, setting in their homes metering devices. What counter to choose if you do not already have? How to protect yourself from fraud and to abandon the idea of illegal «saving money»? What is verification and what to do if its time is approaching? Let's try to understand together.

To install or not?

In Russia the owners of premises are obliged to install measuring devices for water accounting. The penalty for uninstallation so far is not provided. But in practice it turns out that those who are not installing the counters are punishing themselves. After all, every six months the state increases the so-called multiplying factor. If at the end of the last year it was 1.2, then in January 2016 it was increased to 1.4, and at the end of July to 1.5. From the beginning of 2017, the ratio will reach to 1.7, and further it will grow to 2.1. While the owners of the counters pay only for the consumed water. The benefit is obvious, one only has to look at the claim check.

Приборы учета горячей и холодной воды давно уже используются во всех цивилизованных странах

Technically, your management company may require you to put counters in court. In the reality no one does. The reason is simple: nowadays administrating the house is a profitable business. If without a counter you pay more, why deprive yourself of income? By the way, if your housing is not privatized, you have the right to require the municipality, as the owner, to install the water counters for free. Another thing is that in practice the process may be delayed.

What counter to choose?

Today for different needs and for every budget several types of counters are invented. What is right for you?

Single-jet. The most common type on the Russian market. Most likely, most of your friends have this type of counter. The water passes through a rotating impeller and its rotation using magnets is transmitted to the indicator.

Valve. The principle of operation is similar to single jet, but it is set instead of the stopcock (valve). Both single and gate counters are easy to install, it can be installed vertically and horizontally, and the display panel can be rotated 360 degrees.

Многоструйные счетчики обычно устанавливают в качестве общедомовых приборов учета

Multi-jet. The water in these counters is divided into several jets. Such devices give a smaller error in accounting, so it is better to use them to measure large volumes of water. As a rule, they are set by managing companies as a common house metering.

Turbine. These ones work with high pressure water and therefore they are used at the enterprises and in multi-storey residential complexes.

Payment methods: gadget helps!

Receiving the invoice, it is better to pay as soon as possible. However, the road to the nearest pay point is not always quick and easy. But almost everyone has the right gadget – a computer or smartphone. In Moscow, for example, you can pay the water bills on SMS. In St. Petersburg this service is not yet available, but do not leave the phone away. Note the phone number: 325-05-43. Calling it and following the detailed prompts, you can enter the necessary data and pay for a claim check from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Установив счетчик, вы будете платить только за реальный расход и начнете беречь воду

That terrible word «verification»

Unfortunately, not everyone knows that water meters do not operate on a set and forget principle/ According to the law, the owner of the premises is obliged to conduct verification. The period of the counters testing is specified in the technical documentation of the device but for all cold water accounting devices the average time is about 6 years. For hot water meters it is 4 years.

To obtain the coveted certificate of verificationthere are two ways:

Method one. In your house a managing company specialist is called, he removes the seal. Then the meter is dismantled. It is important to remember that before installing the device in its original place, it should take no more than 30 days!

The second way. You can hold the meter calibration without removing the seals and dismantling. Generally, this type of service is provided by private companies, the cost is around 700 rubles. Remember – these activities can only be performed by firms having a certificate issued by the Federal service on accreditation. This document must be in the hands of the master, otherwise the verification will be considered invalid.

Поверку можно провести и без снятия счетчика

By the way, there is an opinion that a water meter like any device with a shelf life runs without errors exactly the time planned for the first verification. It is difficult to confirm or to refute. So, if you're used to be safe, just replace the old meter. It will cost you about 1500 rubles.

The attentive reader might ask – and what will happen to the citizens whose counters have not passed the test in time? Legally, the state cannot levy any fines. However, to punish the careless one is still possible. If the verification is not carried out, your claim check for the water will indicate the amount you'd pay if there were no any counters.

Be careful!

Installation of accounting devices is not only a direct benefit to the consumer, but, unfortunately, still a large field for the fraudster's activities. And in order not to move your money in someone else's purse, just follow a few simple tips.

1. «Rubber apartments». Unfortunately, in practice not always it turns out that you only pay for your water. There is a risk that those who do not have meters and pay for water according to standards do not think about the economy, would pour water constantly. And water waste is divided among all the inhabitants of the house. A special risk is relevant in large cities - the problem of «rubber» apartments. So, making a pity of a few dozen migrants on the floor above and not contacting the police, you risk a month-by-month pay «for your and for that guy». And yes, if you are renting an apartment, certainly set the counters to get rid of many problems!

2. «Cold hot water». Each of us is faced with this problem. Turned on the shower, waited a few minutes until you drain the ice water, and only then went to bathe. The war with the managing company, as practice shows, is not particularly helpful. But there is a way – the counter of hot water with a temperature sensor. In short, water which is not heated to a certain temperature, will be considered as cold by a smart device. Small overrun will take place of course, but it is not so critical.

3. Cheating will not benefit you. This warning works both ways. First, calls with the offer of installation, inspection or counters repairing, it is better to respond with a polite refusal. Especially if the caller is trying to pressure, threaten fines, or to raise his voice. Just because neither the management company nor the state authorities would ever do that. And private offices, working on the principle of cold sales are unlikely to benefit. And you will have personally to pay for broken seal or an expired calibration.

Мелкое жульничество в итоге может обойтись вам дорого

And secondly, don't try to deceive anyone yourself. A popular topic of neodymium miracle magnets, alleged braking the impeller of the meter, has proven to be ineffective. Let's start with the fact that the magnet works mainly with iron and the impeller of the meter consists of other alloys. So-called wet counter (where the scoreboard is not electronic), does not react at all, and the dry prudent manufacturers will almost always equip with antimagnetic protection. The cost of this miracle, by the way, is not much cheaper than the counter, and to prove its application is very simple. So a couple of cubes of saved water easily turns into a considerable fine, the amount of which is calculated from the cost of water according to the norm (and not on the counter) for three years!

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