Water and Sport: Useful Training

Purchasing a subscription to the gym or the decision to run in the morning – these are the real events for a modern city dweller, not too burdened with physical labor. But what to wear to the gym? How to cope with rampant desire to drink a liter of iced soda after classes and where to wash off the fatigue? We'll show you how to do everything correctly and not to spend excess of water.

Sportswear: synthetic or «natural products»? Not only theater starts with a hanger, but any sports training does. And when choosing clothes for the gym or outdoor activities, it's good to think about how "friendly" it is with water. The debate on "cotton or synthetics" has been going on since the launch of the synthetic fabric. The main advantage of cotton is that it's pleasant to wear. However, if you sweat profusely during exercise, the natural tissue can not manage with absorption. Another negative side is that cotton loses its shape over some time.

Не стоит экономить на спортивной форме

Synthetic materials are also far from perfect. Yes, high-tech fabric does not absorb moisture, and doesn't let it get to the surface, where it evaporates. But there is a risk that skin gets over dried. It is also believed that the synthetic is hypoallergenic. But with one condition - if it is a trusted workwear brand. So coming to the gym in Chinese sales tights is also not a good idea.

Clothes for sports have to be washed often. It is better to do it immediately after training. If the session was not very intense, just rinse things in cold water. In other cases, it is desirable to wash in the synthetic fabric mode, without adding much powder.

Не забывайте периодически стирать спортивную обувь!

By the way, today there are many detergents specifically for sportswear on the market. Load the machine with all the accumulated in a basket dirty things made of synthetics, not to waste water on washing just one T-shirts and shorts. Do not dry synthetics on a hot battery! This can disrupt the structure of tissue, and the clothes will lose not only the appearance but also functionality.

Чтобы не навредить здоровью, всегда берите воду на тренировку

How much water to drink? Did you know that before the body feels thirsty, it has already lost 2% water? Therefore it is recommended to drink at regular intervals, wherever you want to do it or not. There are tables showing exactly how much water you need to consume depending on the weight and intensity of stress. But there are a few general tips:

  • Before training. It is recommended to drink about half a liter of water 2-3 hours before the training. Immediately prior to working in the gym 200 ml are recommended. If classes are held outdoors in hot or very cold weather, you should drink about 30 percent more.
  • Training. Train yourself to drink 200 ml of water every 20 minutes. The more water in the body, the faster it gets out, speeding up the metabolism. At first you may feel uncomfortable, but eventually you'll get used to it.
  • After a workout.Within two hours after the end of the training about drink another half a liter. This will help to compensate for the moisture lost during exercise.

And most importantly – it doesn't matter how heated body is never drink water cooler than 10-15 degrees. No matter how healthy and sporty you are, the common flu has not been canceled yet.

Sports bottles. Of course, when training in the gym, it is easy to make a break, get a conventional plastic bottle out of the bag to make the life-giving drink. But, first, we know that disposable packaging is not environmentally friendly - in the oceans the whole island of plastic trash is already drifting. And secondly, if your choice is running or biking, it can break your breathing and your work pace. There is a solution - use special sports reservoirs.

Во время пробежки удобнее использовать бутылку с клапаном

Isotonic and «designer water». Let's get to filling the bottles. If you are advanced enough, and your sports preferences extend somewhat further than power training once a week, it's time to think about isotonics. After all, we spend not only moisture, but also indispensable salt during the active exercise due to perspiration. In fact, the isotonic is a water solution of salts, sugars and minerals. In a similar concentration, they are in the human body, so these drinks are absorbed very easily. In addition to water and vitamins, isotonic contains potassium (improvement of the blood and the heart), magnesium (blood supply and energy metabolism) and calcium (bone elasticity and immune processes).

Если ваша цель – похудеть, помните, что изотоники калорийны

There is a simplified version of isotonic, a so-called "designer water". The main difference is the lack of carbohydrates. But this water is enriched with vitamins, minerals and contains almost no calories. Often it's based on herbs. Some brands enrich their water with oxygen and subject it to electrolysis. Although medicine and chemistry believe that these manipulations are useless, producers promise the effect. The main thing is that this is another good way to quench your thirst.

Shower or sauna? Training is over and you're proud of the work done, so you start water procedures. And where they are best taken: in the shower or in the sauna? Choosing a sauna, many athletes attribute this to the fact that at high temperatures the body is derived from waste. But do not forget that you are enough sweated and excess moisture loss is not good. Your heart had to work hard in the hot sauna overloads it even stronger. Also in this case, blood flows to the skin, and not to the muscles, which slows their growth.

Контрастный душ после тренировки укрепляет сосуды

If after exercising you still want to get to a bathhouse, it is better to wait for 2-3 hours and then bathe safely. In the meantime, it's better to limit yourself with a. By the way, cold shower in such cases is not forbidden. It invigorates, tones, making you fly with both wings after a training. Teach yourself to cool gradually, because the strength and endurance of the body does not guarantee quenching. Ideal is to take a shower after a workout, but never not wash your hair with cold water.

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