Imagine This:

Wash Without Water

Being water-efficient is easy at the most water-requiring procedures – like shower or house-keeping. In fact, no water is needed when you brush your teeth! If you opt for organic stuff, we could also offer you a simple way of protecting the planet!


Handwashing could be waterless

Waterless. Americans – especially the blue-collars – have known the waterless ways of cleaning their hands for a long time now. They use waterless detergents that don't require rinsing with water. And we are not talking about the sanitizers. These soaps don't contain alcohol, therefore they would never dry your hands or interrupt the natural microflora of your skin. Mechanical stains are cleansed by bits of natural pumice. All-purpose waterless soaps are developed by Goop and Soapopular of the United States.

+ This soap is secifically convenient for the outdoors. No wastewater appears, therefore it is safe for the environment. Besides, waterless soap is a treasure for young moms and their babies.

– Some experts think that you can't really cleanse your hands without running water. So you'd have to wash your hands in a regular way at least a couple of times a day.

No Harm for the Environment. Go for soap-making! The easiest way to start is making a bar of your own Castile soap. It was named after a geographical region of Spain. The Castilians developed and recorded the original recipe of this soap in 16th century! Its contents are rather simple: cinder mixed with olive oil. Browse the Internet for the directions, and there you are! However, the process of soap ripening might require several months.

+ Castile soap is all natural. There's no palm tree oil because of which tropical rainforests are destroyed.

– If you use this soap outdoors, make sure that you do it at least in 200 meters away from the nearest water body. Natural ingredients of the soap are a good nourishment for the blue-green algae that kill our waters.


Spray it for clean hair!

Waterless. Dry shampoos are almost as good for your hair as the convenient ones. Their main ingredients are alcohol and corn starch. The first one degreases and freshens your hair, while the latter one collects all unwanted grease off your scalp. It's a great deal for oily to normal hair, but for curly ones using it could be a nuisance. However, they could be washed with mousses without alcohol and starches.

+ It is the best thing ever for the days when warm running water is unavailable. And the only way of looking good outdoors.

– There is no dry shampoo suitable for everyday use yet. Besides, most likely that you spend a lot of time picking your shampoo. The largest price won't guarantee the best quality for you either.

No Harm for the Environment. Before the first shampoos or soaps were invented, people came up with plenty of ideas of washing one's hair. The most obvious way is to wash your hair with plain water and comb it thoroughly to spread the sebum. The other way is to use baking soda and vinegar. First you spread a tablespoon of baking soda on dry hair, and then wash it off with clean water. The next step is rinsing. Dissolve one part of vinegar in three parts of water. Rinse the tips of your hair without affecting the scalp. Dry it, and you're done!

+ Baking soda and vinegar are as efficient as traditional shampoos, and you don't get affected by laureth sulfate, a chemical compound of most shampoos that might cause severe allergic reactions or acne.

– If you spread the baking soda too thoroughly, you risk to damage your scalp. Vinegar smells odd until your hair is dry. Besides, it might cause a severe corneal burn, if accidentally splashed in the eyes.


Aquafree brush

Waterless. This gadget was invented by Todd Spinelli, a dantist involved in creating of mobile dentistries. This is how Aquafree was made, a toothbrush that works without water. A small amount of special toothpaste is squeezed onto the bristles from a capsule inside the brush. The compounds of the paste do not require rinsing.

+ The toothpaste of Aquafree works 35-40% more efficiently than convenient toothpastes or gels. It doesn't contain any fluoride, therefore no poisoning is possible if you don't rinse your mouth.

– New cartridges for Aquafree toothbrush are available only online. And they are a lot more expensive than regular toothpastes.

No Harm for the Environment. Traditionally the Arabs use miswak, a toothcleaning twig made of Arak tree. Tanines in its fiber are perfect for mouth desinfection and sore healing.

+ You don't need water or toothpaste for miswak.

– Arak twigs are not that easy to find either online or offline.

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