Two in One:

Recycling Greywater at Home

Greywater recycling technologies are one of the biggest eco-trends of past few years. After all, why should we let wastewater from bathing or hand washing go down the drain? Two-in-one plumbing fixtures are the best way to reuse your greywater at home.

1. The number one fixture in this class is W+W by Roca. This truly innovative appliance combines the lavatory and the toilet. This way, the water you use for washing your face or hands goes straight to the toilet cistern.

But this does not mean that your toilet bowl becomes stained with toothpaste or soap residue. Wastewater is filtered and treated with antibacterial cleanser.

What’s more, W+W is a great idea for small bathrooms as it is minimalist, and so great for saving space. You also save time because you won’t need to find a matching sink and toilet.

2. A more complicated device is available through WashUP. They have made an all-in-one toilet and washing machine system. A compact washing machine is attached directly above the toilet, which means that all greywater can flow straight into the cistern. 


+ Two-in-one systems are the most convenient way to significantly reduce water consumption. For instance, a combined sink and toilet could help a family of three save up to 17,000 liters of water per year.

+ Both washing machine + toilet, and sink + toilet systems save space in your bathroom. And they look stylish too!

+ You won’t need to call a plumber out twice to install a sink and a washing machine separately, which again saves time and money.

+ If your wastewater is treated in a private septic tank, you will save yourself a lot of work.


- Two-in-one systems may cost more than two separate fixtures. For example, the price of the Roca W+W is around USD 4,000. In addition, they are not very easy to find in some countries.

- Ask yourself if you would be happy having a washing machine working away behind your back when you are trying to… well… concentrate. Taking your laundry out might be dangerous as well: be careful not to flush away any garment that slips from your hands!

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