The Real Hydrophobia:

Best Water-Resistant Ideas Ever

There is no way a living creature could survive without water. However, some creations of human mind experience hard times surviving with water, or, so to say, within water. Have you tried to drop your smartphone in a fish tank? And what about your driver license after a heavy-duty laundry, spilled glass on your laptop or water-soaked shoes? Not really encouraging, huh? But the truth is, we know nothing of modern water-resistant materials.

Protect your smartphone. Actually, a waterproof cell these days is not a big deal, but Sony Corporation seems to do something really surprising! Sony Xperia Z, presented in early 2013, could easily take a swim and stay safe and sound, ringing'n'texting. It can withstand immersion in fresh water at a depth of one meter for an hour. Sure, you won't be able to upload your fresh IG-shots of coral reef wildlife at a diving session, but for some of us selfie in a shower might appear cool enough.

Sony Xperia Z is the first really water-resistant smartphone

The secret is in the phone shell made with the adding of fiber glass polyamide. If Android OS is not an option for you, consider shopping for a superfine 0.25 mm film, CaseMarine, developed by Gooma Company of Japan. It is designed for a certain variety of mobile devices including cells and tablet computers. The film is made of polyurethane with a special acrylic coating for display. The depth of your dive with the device protected by CaseMarine should not exceed ten meters.

Superfine film gives a real freedom in underwater shooting

Say no to wet shoes! And wet documents, wet coats, wet... Yes, anything! Any surface could be coated with water-resistant silicon nanofilm, NeverWet. The sprays are developed both for household and industrial use. Apply a base coat, then use the finishing spray. Leave it for about 30 minutes, and enjoy complete dryness even amidst the most furious tempest! NeverWet still lets the air in, and could easily be taken off the surface. The good thing is, it also repels dirt. And your white sneakers will stay white if you stomp on a dirty pool! Which basically means that you will spend less water washing your shoes and coats.

Water-resistant cover for the shoes repels both water and dirt

Wash your laptop. Restoring laptop after a water spill might be quite costly. Some manufacturers install spill indicators, so if the accident occurs, you lose your manufacturer warranty. But such a douche would never affect a real heavy-duty laptop: Toughbook by Panasonic, resistant to any impact of natural powers. Dip it in the pool or take it outside in the pouring rain. And keep working, no joke! However, the price you have to pay for the safety might be way too high literally: up to $4,000. Too much for a spilled coffee, right? Besides, these models are not of high demand, therefore they undergo updating rarely.

Take a swim during work, your laptop won't shut down

Pack your stuff. Harsh military laptop is not a good company for a twisted elegancy of an investment banker, let's assume. But a luxurious waterproof travel bag changes the whole thing! The famous monogram Keepall 55 case by Louis Vuitton is now available in innovative polyurethane/polyamide version, with all the furinishing coming in bronze-zinc alloy instead of still. The zip is also water-resistant, even if kept underwater. The bag carries the proud name of Louis Vuitton Inventeur Line, and be sure that you pay over $2,000 not in vain.

Luxurious and comfy? This is reality now, in XXI century!

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