The Future Is Out There:

Four Amazing Things Powered By Water

Water-powered engine is a concept that brings us to the future. However, engineers all over the world compete to surprise us with equally fantastic devices that work exclusively on the water or on safe and eco-friendly hydrogen fuel. Bicycles, motorcycles, mobile phones and even street lighting ... We look forward to this Futurama to become a reality.

1. Motorbike. This concept motorcycle, Honda Cub, was created by the American engineer Sam Gilbert. He completely revised two-wheeled transportation device and offered an absolutely revolutionary option. There is no internal combustion engine in this motorcycle, and the bike runs fully on hydrogen fuel. It is absolutely safe even in case of accident. This particular model has already gained popularity in Japan and other Asian countries, but the new Cub with zero exhaust would satisfy the needs of young professionals who care about environmental issues.

Honda Cub is a new eco-friendly motorbike for urban dwellers

2. Water phone. Samsung corporation of South Korea has not only been busy with a longterm litigation with Apple for the past few years. Back in 2007, they announced the creation of the world's first phone battery running on water. In 2010 the corporation swore swore to launch the first models of aquatic vehicles in series production. But then the company marketers got seized by epic war between two mobile concepts, and the invention lays now all forgotten. Here is how it was supposed to work. Water inside the battery interacts with the metal to release hydrogen ions and free oxygen. The reaction releases about three watts of energy, which would be enough for ten hours of talking mode for a regular cell phone with no touch screen or smart insides. Battery cartridge is suitable for one use, and then it is supposed to be discharged to the service station and replaced with a new one. However, one cartridge would be enough for five days at the rate of four hours in active mode daily. Samsung already promised to improve the technology and switch to reusable cartridges. However, the company is now focused at new Galaxy smart cells and fablets, and the epic idea of a water phone is postponed.

Water-powered cell was presented several years ago at a tech show

3. Lights over troubled water. Actually, over the bridge, which is, as we have heard in a song, over the troubled water. But this is a trivial technical detail, while the essence of this novice tends to be really astounding. This invention is proposed by one of the private companies based in the city of Ballybofey, Ireland. Bridge over the River Finn hosts the unusual city lighting. According to the inventors, lights will shine on the energy that is produced by the turbine output of 110 watts settled in the river's troubled waters. And if the water level drops below a critical minimum, street lighting is insured by solar panels. The company has many other ideas how to make street lights both economically and environmentally friendly – that is, working on renewable energy. Now engineers are working on the concept of a generator running in the rain. Relevant not only for foggy Ireland, but for St. Petersburg , for example, where this kind of showers is quite abundant.

Ireland boasts the most cool water-generated city lighting in the workd

4. Water bike is not a pedalo! As a matter of fact, it's an ordinary bicycle for movement on the streets, equipped with a small help in the form of a eco-clean engine. For this invention, thank numberless and tireless Chinese manufacturers ! Strictly speaking, the engine is not running on water, but on hydrogen . But it is efficient and allows the bike to proceed with a speed of 25 kilometers per hour for a distance of almost one hundred kilometers. And when the fuel tank is empty, the rider will be able to continue the journey is quite old-fashioned way – that is, pedaling. By now, gas stations with hydrogen fuelare not really widespread, unfortunately, but it's the demand that creates the supply, honestly. Superbike costs about $ 500, which is affordable for a vast number of eco-lovers in most countries.

Chinese hydrobike runs on hydrogen and muscular power

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