Substance Number One: Catch, Desalinate, Make Petrol

All this is nothing else like the Water. Chile is thinking about how to get water out of the air, Germany is seeking the way to make fuel from it, and the US is working on desalination. And almost all inventions are ready to be launched into production. Just think how our world might change if all we all succeed!

1. Catch. "It really looks fantastic, but it's a reality," - says Hector Pino, a forester and the commercial director of the Chilean company FreshWater Solutions. The apparatus designed for the production of water from the air is an autonomous pump weighting about 40 kg. It is not connected to any pipe or water, but is able to generate from 9 to 30 liters of water per day. FreshWater grabs the smallest particles and condenses moisture from the air. The water is then filtered and purified directly in the device, making it suitable for human consumption. "It is a container of water that fills itself as soon as it becomes empty," - explains Pino.

The potential of the device for a country such as Chile, where vast and very dry regions are inhabited by 195 thousand people without access to clean drinking water, is enormous. Now the cost per unit is 1,000 USD. But in mass-production it will fall by half. And the authors hope to attract local authorities for spreading device.

2. Make the fuel. But German scientists have invented a device called Sunfire, which can make fuel from the water and carbon dioxide. More precisely, even three kinds of it: kerosene, premium gasoline and diesel fuel. Yet, there is a single copy of Sunfire, it hasn’t been set to mass production. The authors of the installation report, it can deliver up to a barrel of fuel of the necessary type per day and the machine is predicted to have a bright future in the industry.

Установка производит топливо из воды и углекислого газа

3. Desaliate. Device for desalination made by American scientists from the University of Pennsylvania not only desalinates water, but also generates energy for its own work. Engineers and environmentalists worked on the project for more than six years, and as a result they got a microbial electrodialysis element.

Брюс Логан и его биоустановка для обессоливания

Ecologist and engineer Bruce Logan (pictured above) with a team of like-minded invented an interesting technology of desalination using bacteria. The work process of the device is similar to the well-known electrodialysis water, except that the device does not need an external power source. While nobody is talking about the launch of the device into production, and Logan continues to work on the device, trying to achieve a balance between the consumed and generated energy of the device.

Photo: CNet, PSU, Shutterstock.

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