Strive and Seek: Identifying Water Leaks at Home

Every drop of water in the world is worth its weight in gold, and the faulty tap or cistern is an unacceptable luxury. In the end, to pay more for utilities in the presence of a leak is just silly. And sometimes a big flood starts with small hole in the flat, and there appears to be continuous losses. Our advice will help you to prevent such troubles and to save water.

Water patrol. Search of leaks should start with plumbing, and a malfunction can be detected without professional assistance. The easiest way is to notice the outward signs – puddles, rust, mildew. It is also worth to strain our ears, falling drops make a distinctive sound, and if there is a leak in the toilet cistern you may hear a hiss, taking off the cap.

Не обращая внимания на протечку, вы не только тратите воду зря, но и рискуете залить соседей

If the answer is silence, use the good old method: pour food coloring into the tank of and don't click the flash for about 10 minutes. If there is a leak, the color will appear in the toilet bowl water.

Осмотрите все краны в квартире – возможно, пора менять прокладки или другие детали

Most often leaks appear around the joints of pipes connected to taps and valves. Periodically inspect the area with a flashlight. Do you think that the pipe is not sealed? Wrap it with toilet paper: if the water really comes out, you will soon notice.

В этих местах протечки возникают особенно часто

Another method of monitoring is using of water meters, which, we hope, have long ago been installed in your apartment. Close all taps, record the meter readings, and do not use the water for about an hour. Then check if the numbers have changed. If they have increased - there is a leak.

Счетчики помогают не только экономить воду, но и проверять, нет ли протечки

Hot-cold. Sometimes localizing the leakage does not work well. Often the pipes are hidden in the wall, and the water floor heating is a real quest for the homeowner. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to take cover, open or disassemble the screed laying. But, you may be able to avoid this by inviting a specialist armed with a thermal imager and a humidity deep scanner.

Тепловизор – дорогой прибор, так что выгоднее пригласить специалиста на дом

In particular, on the image obtained by the imager, the area of the leak looks brighter because wet materials have a higher thermal conductivity. Manipulations with these devices may resemble stills from the «Ghostbusters» film, however, in some cases they are effective and allow you to avoid large repairs.

High-tech guard. Modern technologies allow to avoid useless waste of water, the sudden flood and the payment of compensation to neighbors below: just install special sensors in the bathroom, the toilet and the kitchen. These smart devices will insure you against any unexpected leakage associated with not only pipes and taps defects, but also a washing machine or a dishwasher leakage.

Датчик утечки воды компактен, и его можно установить даже в труднодоступных местах

The sensors working principle is simple: when a puddle of water on the floor closes the contacts, the alarm is triggered. Simple gadgets to alert you about the leak with a loud sound cost from 500 rubles. If you're at home, you will be able to take action.

Сигнал о протечке «умное» устройство отправит на смартфон или планшет

And to control the situation constantly, you will have to pay for sensors, able to send messages to a smartphon. They can be connected to the ball valve with an electric actuator installed on the pipe. Then the water will automatically overlap with the leak, even in your absence.

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