Staying Tuned: Polar Bears In The Shower, Beads-Supervisors And Brewing From Your Smartphone

Do you often think about global warming, standing in the shower? No? But it is necessary, if you put in the bathroom newest Swiss gadget to control water flow. Especially now when you can engage in physical exercises in the shower while your smartphone brews fashionable craft beer. We present an overview of the latest gadgets of December.

Count your damage. .The Swiss company Amphiro has released water meter, which not only counts of how much water you pour for yourself, but also lets you know how you have influenced global warming. To arrange the figures clearly, the developers have put the brand on display gadget polar bear, which stands on an ice floe. If you are splashing in the shower for a long time, and especially in hot water, ice under bear becomes thinner.

Новый счетчик сообщает пользователю, как он лично влияет на глобальные климатические изменения

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