Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Splash:

Best Ideas Of Water-Saving Showers

Shower exerciser platform, money-saving shower and 5-liter shower. These awesome inventions are already available to any eco-concerned neat nature-lover!

Bend it harder. South Korean designers came up with a shower for those who can not bring myself to do exercises. To make the shower tap sprinkle water, you have to complete a number of different sets of exercises. Unlike in the gym, you'll have to convince not only yourself, but also a built-in computer sensor that monitors your real effort. So if the device thinks you've gotten enough of physical activity for today, it will let you refresh yourself with a quick shower and rinse the sweat off. Heartless tormentors that invented the gadget bear the names of Hong Ruei-Hong and Lin Pin-I. We thank them for their sense of humor though, and we learned it from the name of the device, Bana Bender. Squat and bend and sweat to wash, you lazy Internet users, they giggle.

Sweat to wash: bana bender is the smartest idea to make those muscles move

Space technology saves water. This device is aimed to win the souls of our practical visitors. OrbSys, that is, the name of the device, lets you take a full wash of 10 minutes using only five liters of water. The same principle works in spacecraft showers: water dumped to the drain hole is immediately cooled, cleaned and re-supplied to the watering can, after that is heated to the desired temperature and sprinkled back. This system helps to save up to 80% of energy and 90% of water. Nothing drastic! For those who do not wish to remodel the bathroom, there is an option easier: a special sensor that controls the flow of water. Seven minutes later it will tell you that it's time to finish your shower, and then completely shuts off the water. However, the creators of this device are very humane to sleepy people in the shower, since the timer on the gadget can be adjusted as desired.

Space technology reuses your shower water. It's not gross, it's smart!

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