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Jeans Clean, Jeans Save

Modern jeans now can save water and clean air. They definitely save water not by themselves: it's done on the factories. But jeans can really clean the atmosphere of toxic emissions, absolutely independently using their denim surface.

The Levi's company has attended water saving issues. It was caused by a problem of drought in California, a place where one of the company's factories is situated. On this factory Levi's uses only recycled water for production of the legendary pants. Thus the company has already produced 100 000 woman jeans saving 12 mln liters of water. This amount of water would be enough to fill five Olympic pools. Levi's say that they were the first in the industry to clean and reuse the water after dyeing textiles.

Meanwhile not only US companies take care about saving water in jeans producing. One of the Swedish companies invented a more effective water saving technology of dyeing jeans. They offer to refuse from traditional coloring of each product in 12 tanks. The Swedes invented a new sulfur-based dye which needs only one water tank and a reducing agent made of sugar. If at least a quarter of manufacturers use this new technology, it will be possible to save drinking water for 1,7 mln people.

London College of Fashion staff together with their colleagues from Sheffield University created a model of jeans covered with titanium dioxide particles. The substance reacts with air and light and neutralizes the harmful nitrous oxide. In the result there appears a harmless substance which is easily removed while the jeans are being washed.

The developers believe that their invention will become widely spread and buyers of their pants will really help to clean the air of exhaust gas. The composition can be applied on any clothes but the denim was chosen because of its popularity. By the way not only chemists worked on the jeans but a stylist Helen Storey who is now a professor at the College of Fashion. She used to work with Madonna and Cher, so there's a hope that the jeans will not look like the 501st Levi's model.

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