Smart Laundry: A “Logical” Solution to Saving Water

Do you care about conserving water on when doing the laundry? Perhaps you’d like to, but are not sure how. In fact, technology can easily be used to reduce water consumption.

The main rule is always to run your washing machine with a full load. However, there are several more tips. If you are buying a new appliance, make sure you choose a washing machine labeled class A under the European Union energy consumption scheme. Class A or A+ appliances are the most efficient in terms of water and energy consumption.

Washing cycle programming could also help you to conserve water. The most popular program used by different manufacturers is Fuzzy Logic. It measures the weight of your laundry and adds the minimal amount of water required to get rid of the stains. Gone is the time when washing machines used the same amount of water to wash king-size bed linen as for a couple of tees.


Water-saving: the greatest advantage of Fuzzy Logic is reduced water consumption. It can save up to 30% of water per kilo of laundry.

Easy to control: there are only two buttons to push in order to start the laundry cycle: one for clothes type, and the start button.


A washing machine equipped with Fuzzy Logic costs more than one “devoid of logic”. However, it will pay off due to lower energy and water consumption.

Fuzzy Logic will not survive a power surge. The voltage in some European countries can vary from 150 to 280V. Such surges are extremely dangerous for the washing machine’s computer. If you have ever noticed any surges, make sure you use a voltage regulator or surge protector.

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