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Water monitor, the water from the clothes and where to put the water from the garden

The water in the bathroom, which is becoming a monitor – easily! The water from the clothes - sure. And as a car wash in your own garage might become the more feasible thing on Earth. We found three interesting trends this season, working with the water.

AquaTop Display. With this gadget, invented by Japanese scientists, the water in the bathroom turns into a display . It can be controlled not only by touch, as usual touch-screen. Relocatable object can be also like to drown or to get out of the screen. You can press the button on the water panel holding hands under the water or even above it.

Japanese also placed speakers under the water. It not only makes sounds but also set in motion water when it is necessary. Developers have reported that their AquaTop Display is only a prototypea and they are now working on creating a commercial model. They invented the device in six months and the water display will soon go on sale .

Sweat Machine.This gadget invented in Sweden. There seem concerned with getting water out of the human sweat . For this purpose they built machine that heated second-hand clothes and then squeezes it in a special way . After that, the resulting liquid filters special membrane material and you get drinking water.

Sweat Machine was used to draw attention to global water shortage

Sweat Machine creators intend to try it out on the players of the international youth football tournament. A pair of players have agreed to give the car to spin their shape after the match. The players also have promised to drink a glass of water from their own sweat . Inventors of Sweat Machine are not going to sell this miracle machine. They tried to draw attention to the problem of shortage of drinking water in the world . Seriously, this water purification technology has used in spacecraft for a long time. Only filters invented by the Swedes are much cheaper. American citizen Dale Retter has collected in his garage his own contactless car wash. A resident of Arizona is very tenderly treated the flow of water on washing his car and figured out how to wash his car with water used for watering the lawn and garden . Its sink and running water from the ordinary but you can do the same liquid that remained after watering of lawns and flower beds.

The only disadvantage of this car wash is the cost. The construction cost Mr Retter 30 thousand dollars. However, Arizona craftsman was not discouraged and think how make cheaper his invention.

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