Seesaw Saves Water

We waste dozens of liters every day while soaping our hands. Most of us find it inconvenient to touch the tap with soapy hands, since it stains chrome-plated surfaces. But it’s easy to find out the price we pay for clean hands. Washing them once uses six liters of water, and we do so at least three times a day. Multiply that by 30 days and it comes to 540 liters a month per person! A smart Korean innovator and designer, Chanhee Han, has invented a faucet which would help avoid this waste.

The designer Seesaw Faucet can either dispense soap or keep the water running. Tilt the seesaw to the right to get soap, and to the left for water. Then tilt it to the right again to rinse your hands and then balance the seesaw to turn the water off. The result: less money and water down the drain.


+ While soaping your hands you waste as much water as you drink in three days. The Seesaw Faucet helps to prevent this valuable resource from being wasted.

+ The Seesaw Faucet is extremely useful in large families and in public bathrooms where water use is high. It will soon pay for itself with the water it saves. + With the Seesaw Faucet, you’ll reduce water consumption without making the slightest effort, and with no inconvenience. You won’t have to give it a second thought!

+ The stylishly designed faucet will be an elegant addition to your bathroom.


You have to touch the faucet with soapy hands to switch to water mode. It’s necessary to either get used to soap marks, or to keep a cloth under your sink to rub them off after use.

To be honest, the biggest disadvantage of the Seesaw Faucet is that it is no more than a concept. Infrared systems on the other hand, where water runs only when needed, are already a reality. You’ll need a lot of patience to wait until the Seesaw Faucet is available to buy.

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