Sand and clean water: Perfect vacation on the shore

Relaxing on the beach is the most typical and most desirable summer pastime. Even if you stay in the city it's a real pleasure to get to the beach on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, in the vicinity of large cities there are no empty reservoirs, which are not spoilt by men. Even one of the protected lakes in two hundred kilometers from St. Petersburg on the territory of one of the reserves now more and more reminds a landfill. That is why every year we turn to the topic: how to make a vacation on the shore painless for you and for nature.

1. You have come to a wild beach. Despite the fact that you had a long way, you see piles of garbage around. A typical pattern. We suggest you not to sit back and to arrange sports. While the barbecue is being prepared, clean the territory. If you have a big company, you can break into teams and make a competition for speed of cleaning. For example, you can arrange a competition between teams of glass, plastic, brutal and unsorted garbage. And then have a picnic with a happy conscience. Of course, leaving bags is impossible. You can take everything sorted to an approved recycling center. You can find the closest one and find out its working hours on interactive map.

Поездка на дикий пляж, скорее всего, потребует от вас также и уборки

What is needed:

  • Gloves – better to use household ones.
  • Bags - thick plastic ones or jute ones for building rubbish.

What can not be taken in any case:

  • Disposable tableware.
  • Disposable BBQ.

2. You have come to the comfortable beach. Most likely, there's no garbage: the cleaning staff is working and you can safely enjoy your vacation. Try to minimize the harm that you can do to nature. To do this, don't use any disposable things. For example, bottles of soft drinks. Homemade lemonade is much tastier and healthier than soda in a plastic bottle. And you can bring it to the beach in a thermos: it will stay cool even after an hour trip by train. Instead paper napkins use cloth napkins as they can be washed and used again. Well, of course, no plastic cups, spoons or forks.

Термос сохраняет не только тепло, но и холод, поэтому в нем удобно возить прохладительные напитки

And one more thing. Of course, civilized people do not need reminding, but the beach equipment needs to be used for its main purposes: for example, going to the toilet in a specially designed for this booth and not in the cabanas. And it concerns not only adults but also children. Do not swim if your beach is prohibited. Water samples are taken every week, and a ban on swimming is connected with it: most likely, the water does not meet sanitary standards, and swimming in it is simply dangerous. Especially for children.

Домашний лимонад намного полезнее газировки в пластиковой бутылке – и для здоровья, и для природы

What is needed:

  • Thermos.
  • Blankets, cloth napkins, bath and kitchen towels.
  • Reusable glasses or mugs.
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