Quenching A Beast's Thirst:

Saving Water on Your Pets

Keeping a cat, a dog or even a huge fish tank at home should not lead to astronomical bills for water, we believe . Da-Voda gathered useful tips around the world how to care for pets without extreme expenses of water. Feel free to use in!

Furry friends of ours – doggies , kitties or even foxies – need washing and grooming . And most of the animals are not very loyal to water procedures! Just imagine a cat in the bath. It automatically equals to stress for the animal and scratches for the owner. And the dogs are still difficult. Your pet needs to get his paws washed after each walk, which makes it two or three times a day! Is there any way to avoid it? Yes – if you use special detergents for pets. They come in the form of foams could be bought online. Using them is easy: you need to put a specified amount of shampoo on the animal's hair, whip it into foam and wipe dry with a flannel cloth. After that comb the animal, and its fur is clean and shiny again! Composition of shampoos and conditioners are totally safe and are specifically designed to meet the needs of your pet. They are completely hypoallergenic and do not contain harmful synthetic chemicals.

Use dry shampoos instead of extra gallons of water after each walk

Drinking fountain at cat school. Another water waste item for your pet is his drinking. Here is the way to save water on this without harm for the animal's health . Your cat or dog would never be faced with kidney disease, if you equip the pet with an automatic drinking fountain. This device was invented at Ohio University by Helen Burns, one of the students, when observing her cat. It would never drink from a bowl. Instead, he preferred to sip on tap water! But if you keep the tap, you can just waste dozens of gallons of water! Here's a smart solution. Water is supplied from the three-liter reservoir . Low-power pump passes it through a charcoal filter , and then lets it trickle into the bowl. Drinking cup has a small hole through which the water that was not used goes back into the tank, gets filtered, and the cycle continues.

CatWell will quench your cat's thirst and prevent kidney disease

Smart fish tank. Keeping a fish tank might be a nuisance. Besides, it requires huge amounts of water. We know a few ways to save money and make your life easier. Get some neighbors for the fish. Melania and apple, or mystery shell are the two kinds of useful shellfish for your fish tank ground. They constantly dig and fliter the soil by eating organic matter. Contrary to popular belief , shellfish do not eat fish excrements, leaving it to bacteria and microscopic algae. But they do consume toxic waste product of the latter, hydrogen sulphide. If clustered at the bottom of the tank, it might lead to vast dead zones and kill all the living creatures in it. If you combine the dwellers of the aquarium smartly, you wouldn't have to clean the tank very often. There are, however two disadvantages: snails breed very quickly, and they can hunt some species of fish. Find a reasonable balance and your ecosystem in an aquarium would be perfect. And the last advice: avoid reverse osmosis filters for your fish tank. And if you do use them already, make sure you add special fish vitamins to the water. Thus, you'll save gallons of water and hours of your leisure time!

Smart ecosystem is essential for a water saving fish tank

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