Quench Your Thirst: With Benefit for Yourself and Nature

On summer days, we often tend to buy drinks in plastic bottles, many people prefer colorful soda drinks instead of clean water. As a result, more and more debris appear in the organism and in the environment. Our advices will help you to detox and to change your habits, not making any little effort.

Advertising, bright labels and love of sweets do the trick: in the heat the hands are drawn to cool bottles of coke or other similar drinks. We will not describe in detail why you should not drink too much of them. Even a single fact is enough: a huge amount of sugar and artificial additives will keep you from achieving the result - quenching the thirst.

Без маркетинговой «обертки» сладкая газировка выглядит не так уж привлекательно

Therefore, there can be nothing better then pure water in the heat. Experts recommend to consume at least two liters a day, but here it is necessary to make allowance for the degree of physical activity and air temperature, and also on the individual characteristics of the organism. In any case, to prevent dehydration, you should not be limited to tea and coffee.

Preparing a miracle water

You find it hard to force yourself to swallow a plain water or a mineral water because it seems tasteless? A few simple recipes will help to change your habits. A homemade fruit water is easy to prepare and pleasant to drink. Let it always be a jar with a lid, filled with fragrant and useful drink in your refrigerator. To add sugar or not, and in what quantity –decide it yourself. You need to cut or gently knead all the ingredients before preparing. It is better to pour water through a strainer.

This detox lemonade could not be stored for too long – up to three days. If you have prepared it more than you can drink – pour it into molds and freeze along with berries and fruits. The resulting ice can be added to the water at any time as needed.

Остатки воды лучше не выливать, а заморозить

Classic. The easiest option is to use all kinds of citrus. They almost instantly pass on the taste to the water, along with vitamins. But better still is to give the drink to infuse for an hour or two. Because the skin also goes to the cause, don't forget to wash the fruits. Orange water can help to fight viruses and regulates blood pressure, lemon eliminates toxins and helps digestion, grapefruit – stimulates metabolism and helps to lose weight.

Interesting combinations:

  • lime with mint leaves,
  • lemon, strawberry and kiwi,
  • orange and blueberry,
  • grapefruit and rosemary.

Огурцы – не только в салате! Нейтральный вкус позволит сочетать их со многими ягодами и фруктами

Exotics. Those who are not afraid to experiment with the tastes, will certainly appreciate the unusual recipes, for example, water-based cucumber, which perfectly fills the shortage of life-giving moisture. This vegetable is easy to "make friends" with lemon, mint, pomegranate seeds. Finely chopped ginger root can be mixed with pears, apples with cinnamon, and the flesh of watermelon goes with mint.

Keeping fresh

In order not to be caught by surprise by the thirst, and not to be needed to run to buy bottled water, get a reusable bottle. The color and design is easy to choose according to your taste.

Многоразовая эко-бутылка может быть и плоской. Эта, кстати, сделана из переработанных материалов

Of course, the cold water refreshes better, therefore, a small thermos will be your helper in hot summer days. Do not forget that it retains not only hot, but cold drinks.

Стальные кубики нужно предварительно подержать в морозилке не менее двух часов

At home, you can replace the ice cubes with special cubes, by the balls made from stainless steel. They will help to save water, in addition, melting ice will not dilute your drink, and the taste will remain saturated.

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