Purely worked: Saving water during repair

Summer is the season of not only holidays, but also repair. For many people it begins in the clouds of construction dust, and a cheerful singing grinder or punch. To make a candy form their homes, it will take time, money, nerves of steel and ...much water. It is necessary for the preparation of solutions, washing tools, final cleaning. And those who paints, glues and plasterers have to wash more often than usual.

Штукатурные работы – одни из самых водозатратных

The exact calculation. It is unlikely that you thought about it before, but to save water without sacrificing quality in the process of repair is quite real. Building materials, cement, glue for wallpaper - of course, all this can't be prepared without water. However, the generous gestures and working by eye are misplaced here, otherwise you'll have to throw away the remaining solution. The mixture should be used as soon as possible, so never prepare it in advance and make new portions of solutions as far as you need them.

Gypsum plasterboard to help. An alternative to plaster, especially when your walls are very uneven, are sheets of Gypsum plasterboard. In this case only dry work is made, and the room will have much less dirt, which, again, has to be washed off with water. But keep in mind that the places where heavy shelves or pictures are planned to be hung have to be additionally strengthened.

Отделка гипроком экономит не только воду, но и ваше время

Rather than instead of diluting dry glue for wallpaper with water, you can use a ready liquid formulation. Or choose a self-adhesive wallpaper - not cheap PVC film, but wallpaper with adhesive coating. They can be made of fabric or cork, which gives plenty ideas for designing the room. After such wall decoration you don't have to wash the floors and tools.

Обычным обоям лучше предпочесть самоклеющиеся

Do not miss the chance to make your apartment more environmentally friendly during repair: install water meters, if you have not done this before for any reason, replace the bath shower and tap with automatic ones or equip them with aerators.

Less dirt. Protect your hands with rubber gloves, and to protect the handle from flowing paint, shove it through the sponge. For storage of brushes during the entire repair use a suitable solvent marks - the choice depends on the type of paint - instead of the water tank. Washing hands and tools is better in a bucket, pouring water out of the bottle. Dirty water with a mixture of solutions do not pour down the drain in any case - it is not safe, and it is not economical. Let it settle in suitable containers, pour out clean water and use it again, and the sediment can be dries and thrown away. When renovating a kitchen, or just one of the rooms, you can mantle a temporary plastic door with zipper, which will not allow dust and dirt get to the areas not yet affected by the repair. And therefore, you will not need extra water for cleaning . For the same reason, you should change shoes, coming from the dirty areas to clean.

После демонтажа старой отделки не забудьте правильно утилизировать строительный муор

Correct cleaning. Ideally, after all decorative work is completed, a special construction vacuum cleaner must be used. It costs quite expensive, but you can try to rent it. Then you'll spend less water on washing the floors. When all the worries are left behind, it remains only to properly dispose remaining waste, including chemicals and fluorescent lamps. It does not help to save water for you personally, but will play an important role in preserving the purity of existing water sources.

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