Physics and poetry: Hydrophobic Devices Which are Not Afraid of Thrill

American scientists call thair invention a «Superhydrophobic» surface. Their colleagues from Nissan claim that they've created a self-cleaning car. Other scientists are sure that they've created a touch converter for any surfaces, other ones made a book which shows heroe's emotions via special sensors. So, this digest is about paradise for kinesthetics.

Water resistant ship. A group of scientists from Brigham Young University created a surface which can't become wet with water. American scientists offer to use their invention in all the all areas, from construction to textile industry. Water collides with a special cover, gets a ball shape and bounces. It's planned to cover planes and watercrafts with the new material.

Waterproof car. Meanwhile Nissan starts testing new technology Ultra-Ever Dry on the Nissan Note model. Japanese company representatives call the test sample «the world's first self-cleaning car». 

It is reported that this model treated with hydro-and oleophobic composition will be sold in Europe. Dirt, water and grease will collide with a very thin layer of air, which is trapped on a car surface by this composition. So, dirt will bounce and will not stick to the car surface. Nissan is now finishing tests and the company is going to release it on the market. It is yet unknown whether the product will be offered to Russian consumers or not.

Truth about hypersensitivity. Metaio company patented an interface called Thermal Touch. It can convert any surface into a touch screen — a wall, a ceiling, a floor, a table. Yet the gadget works only together with augmented reality glasses, like Google Glass.

Read and feel. Meanwhile young people are close to the heels of global corporations. For example, MIT students created a book, that can help a reader naturally plunge into narrative world – basically on sensual level. 

SENSORY FICTION from Felix on Vimeo.

Students took the science fiction story by James Tiptree Jr. «Girl, which is connected to the network», made a book stuffed with electronics and LEDs and connected it to a reader's vest. 

Clever book tracks the part which a reader is reading at the moment and helps to feel heroes' emotions via the vest. It quickens the pulse, raises the temperature or takes the breath away. Meanwhile LEDs on a book change their color depending on heroes emotions. This is the book fashion!

Фото: Shutterstock.

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