Note for Tourist: Saving Water While Travelling

Water is one of the most important natural resources, vital for man. And you need to take care of it even while traveling on vacation - when it seems, you can relax and not to worry about anything. Every action affects the state of the planet. Of course, saving on thirst is impossible. But there are situations when the consumption of H2O can be minimized during your journey.

Instead of washing your hands in road use special antiseptic gels or wipes, the packaging of which has a sign «safe for the environment». There are also dry shampoos that help to keep fresh appearance even in dense forest.

Влажные салфетки не только удобны, но и помогут сэкономить воду

In order not to buy bottled water constantly, take thermo cups, bottles and multi-function warmers, which can be filled with water. Along the way you will probably find natural resources, as well as roadside cafes where you can get water for technical use. If your trip takes place in winter, pure melted snow can be used for cooking. For your own safety it is worth remembering: the water source should be far away from highways and hazardous industries.

Бутылка со встроенным фильтром очистит воду

Besides it is recommended to check for harmful substances in crude water by means of portable equipment, such as a rapid test for measuring the basic parameters of drinking water (alkalinity, pH, hardness, presence of iron and chlorine, as well as nitrates and nitrites). By the way, there eco-bottles with built-in filter are on sale you can use them and not worry.

By car. Before a long trip it is not necessary to wash your car until it shines like a diamond. Long road usually involves change of weather, so tomorrow it can be rainy. For the sake of fuel economy and the reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere big company is better to use the same car, not one car for each person.

Отправляйтесь в путь всей компанией – так веселее и экологичнее

By plane. Do not buy a large bottle of water before the flight. Typically, airports prohibit to take them further than the point of screening. During the fligh, the flight attendants bring drinks to passengers, so do not worry. Take only what you need. Such devices as a hair dryer or iron are clearly unnecessary. Besides, it's better to make a list of things that you can take one for all with your friends in advance: for example, separately packaged shampoos, pump, lights and so on. Less baggage means less fuel consumption and emissions of CO2.

In a hotel. We all love to sleep on clean sheets, use white towels to wipe and are accustomed to the fact that in most hotels change them every three days or every day. But do not forget that the price of this is unprecedented waste of water. Imagine how much of it takes to an endless washing! If you want to save a precious resource then ask the hotel manager not to take your laundry from the room so often.

Шампуни и гели лучше привезти с собой

In order not to increase the amount of plastic waste, which affects the oceans, don't use the mini-packs of shampoo and shower gel, as well as disposable cups, which the hotel thoughtfully provides you with. It is better to carry containers with detergent. Well, if you want to rest according to all the rules of «green» living, book a room at the eco-friendly hotel. Their owners do their best to save water and electricity, collect waste separately and don't harm nature. There are many hotels around the world. To find them, use sites like select a city, and then the option Green / Sustainable.

The hostel. As a rule, hostels offer the opportunity to use a common kitchen and laundry, so here you are at your own and you can follow the same rules for saving water as you do at home. Wash fruits and vegetables in a basin filled with water. It is also worth to do with the dirty dishes, adding a detergent and then rinsing the plates and forks, a small amount of clean water. Always load the washing machine completely, and not just put a pair of socks and a T-shirt.

Привычку экономить воду нужно брать с собой!

Hiking and camping. Of course, during the wild holiday on the nature the question arises: how to wash. The most famous saving water traveler is Rob Greenfield, eco-blogger and activist, who uses only natural sources for bathing: rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and even rain. He managed to survive 365 days without a shower!

Роб Гринфилд не советует пользоваться мылом в водоемах

Greenfield does not recommend to wash with soap and water, including biodegradable in natural waters. It is best to fill a bucket of water and move away from the coast or the source at 60 meters, while the soap remains in the soil, where bacteria help to decompose it.

Во время похода не стоит мыть посуду в реке или озере

This point should be also taken into account when washing clothes and washing dishes: you do not want lakes and rivers to start proliferation of harmful algae, do you? Preference is given to detergents on a natural basis. Soda and soap nuts suit it perfectly.

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