Hi-Tech Revolution:

No Water For Clean Stuff

Conventional dishwashers or washing machines are about to become anachronisms. Doing the dishes or laundry is now possible without a single drop of water! Tough stain on your favorite dress would simply go away, unlike the water from your tap. We present the most amazing inventions of the past years.

1. Microwaves instead of a Dishwasher

Waterless Cleaner

This odd device is not a massager. It's a dishwasher developed by Beata Patasiute, Lithuanian designer. This gadget radiates with microwaves at a safe range that cleanses all food residue off the dishes. Silicon bristles of Waterless Cleaner simply wipe away the powder, that is left after the dirt is affected by the microwaves.

The radiation kills all malignant bacteria as well, so your plates, pans and tableware are completely safe to use.

2. Portable Spot Cleaner

Award ceremony of Electrolux DesignLab

Portable Spot Cleaner desigbed by Adrian Makovecky of Slovakia (pictured left) won a Grand Prix at Electrolux DesignLab, an international contest held all over the world. Here's how this device works: the stain is placed between the two parts of the cleaner. After you select the most suitable mode among the four indicated – Coffee, Oil, Ink or Sweat, the thing starts working.

Portable Spot Cleaner

Stains are eliminated by the ion flux, and your clothes don't wear out, as if they were washed in a conventional washing machine. By the way, you'll do the laundry less often now: who'd wash a shirt because of dirty collar and stained armpits now?

3. How Polymers Work

Xeros means

A device named Xeros barely uses any water for a laundry cycle. It was developed in Leeds of Great Britain, as a result of a thirty years of constant research. Apparently, the water could be replaced by nylon beads! Electrified polymers attract all the dirt, which is more efficient than simply washing the clothes in water. The only disadvantage is the beads. They are surely reusable, but require cleaning after laundry. 

Regardless of that, Xeros, that means "dry" in Greek, saves up to 90% of water comparing to conventional washing machines. And it barely needs any detergent! In 2010, the washing machine was considered the Invention of the Year according to Time magazine.

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