New Year's Beauty Without Water Expenses

To chop or not to chop the Christmas tree under the spine? Live or artificial? The environmentalists and the well-known cartoon characters argue about it, and the closer the holiday, the hotter the debates are. We threw the emotions out and figured out this question from the point of view of common sense and science.

The living tree: traditional or barbaric?

Who doesn't associate New with smells? Tangerines, Russian salad and, most importantly – the scent of pine needles. Of course, live tree in the house is from our childhood, but why does the modern world which is increasingly stepping towards conservation of natural resources, need a tradition? After all, if your child an artificial Christmas tree will see from an early age at home, the thought to ask for a natural one will not come to him.

Чтобы нарядить елку, ее вовсе не обязательно срубать

According to some data, every year up to 10 million firs and pines are cut down before winter holidays in Russia. But the worst thing is that not all of them are sold out. About one third of them dies in vain, without getting from the Christmas Bazaar to the heated apartments.

Even if these facts don't convince you to give up live Christmas trees, we'll show another compromise option: buy a tree in a pot. This tradition originated in the West, and more recently is gaining popularity in our country. The choice is huge – here you have usual Russians trees, fluffy Danish beauties and Canadian pines. This tree may serve as a Christmas decoration for years. The main thing is not to keep it in a heated room more than two weeks. After the holidays, take the Christmas tree to the country or set on the balcony. Subsequently, it can be planted in the ground.

У елочек в кадках – большое будущее!

Tips on caring for a hot tub tree:

- To install the tree at home select the most illuminated place.

- Make sure that the air is wet, otherwise there is a risk to dry up the plant.

- It must be watered every other day, spending no more than three liters of water.

- Every 2-3 years the tree should be transplanted, you need to choose a pot or tub of 2-3 cm longer than the previous one.

Artificial tree: is it ecologically friendly?

Many of us today say no to plastic Christmas trees. And for good reason: even cutting live tree does not cause such harm to the environment as the production of artificial ones. To get 1 kg of plastic it takes about 100 liters of water. Water is also necessary for its proper disposal, and often discarded Christmas trees are transformed into the debris that fall into the water. Raw materials also don't make us happy – plastic is made from oil and lead is often used in the composition of the green dye for the needles.

При покупке искусственной елки обратите внимание на качество пластика

But if artificial Christmas trees were nothing but cons, they would be banned worldwide. How to choose a plastic fir tree, without spoiling the impression of the holiday? The first thing you need to pay attention to is the country of origin. In short: Europe (Russia, Germany, Belgium, Holland) – Yes, Asia (China, Taiwan, Vietnam) no. The reason is simple: the tradition of celebrating New Year and Christmas came from Europe, the trees are made for the domestic market, and quality requirements are at the highest level. Asians are producing trees for export and may neglect quality in favor of low price, so purchasing a tree at a street or in the shop like «1000 Small Things» should be abandoned.

In a special store the variety of size, colors and degree of fluffiness is huge. Before buying a Christmas tree you should smell it. Ideally, it should not smell at all. Pay attention to the needles – if they are round shaped, it means that they are made of polyethylene or plastic material that will melt, but hardly burn. If the needle is flat, most likely it's made from PVC and it is very flammable.

There is an alternative!

According to the results of opinion polls, at least 20% of Russians are ready to abandon the traditional Christmas tree, and this figure is growing every year. For this «creative class» we present an alternative, codenamed "made from what we have".

Wall, paper, scissors. In fact, any object in the shape of a cone can brilliantly play the role of a Christmas tree. But it needs to be eco-friendly for us, therefore, immediately eliminate plastic from the list of suitable materials. One of the most interesting and simple ideas I a cardboard sleeve from toilet paper or adhesive tape. Cut out cylinders about the same thickness and attach sticks to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. Advantage of this design is no need to hang toys. Just put the balls and lights in the holes, and it will be also easy to remove them after the holidays.

Дизайнерские елочки не требуют полива и лишних финансовых затрат

Wealth in the jar. Frugal Housewives always have a supply of glass containers from jams, pickles and other goodies. Put delicacies on the table, but it's quite possible to build a Christmas tree from the cans. Just make a pyramid, cementing it with glue, and put shiny toys inside You can pour about half water colored with green dye, the toys will float, that will give a more mysterious look.

Такая елка – лишний повод разобрать "книжные завалы" у вас дома

The tree of knowledge. If you have a reading family, books can become an excellent material for the Christmas tree. Simply fold them by any of the two options, shown in the photo, decorate with a garland and a smart Christmas tree is ready! Moreover, touching the roots of half-forgotten tomes, you may make a plan of what you can read on a long Christmas vacation.

The miracle tree. Well, finally – another tree that requires no watering – colored crystals. The fashion for it once was introduced by the Japanese. Now the kits for growing little treasure can be bought in Russia.

Елка из кристаллов растет не по дням, а по часам

Children can also take part together with you in the experiment (or magic, as someone like it). Just make a paper carcass – the basis of future tree, and moisten it with reagent from the bag. Voila – after a few minutes the first crystals will appear on the branches. And after six hours the tree will be fluffy and beautiful. Most importantly, keep it away from droughts and pets, because this beauty is extremely fragile.

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