New Order: High-Tech Style Cleaning

Modern technologies allow to clean the house not only quickly, but also with a minimum of water and household chemicals used. Forget the endless buckets, puddles on the floor and unsightly gray rags as the methods used by cleaning professionals are now available to everyone.

Enjoy Your Bath! Advanced housewives have been enjoying a steam cleaner for a long time. Water is converted into steam in few minutes, steam is fed under high pressure into a narrow nozzle. This method of cleaning will save up to 80% of water! Simple arithmetic: 1,7 liters of steam is obtained from one liter of fluid, and that's enough for a successful struggle with dirt in an apartment area of ​​not less than 60 square meters. In addition, you do not need chemicals which are harmful to the environment and often cause allergies. Steam can cope with work without their help, penetrating into all micro cracks and pores. It is able to remove limescale from cranes, burnt fat from the oven and the stains from the sofa cushions. Oh, and it also disinfects the surface. The manufacturer promises that nearly 100% of the bacteria are killed by this treatment, along with dust mites, mold and other nastiness. No wonder steam cleaners were originally used for cleaning in hospitals.

Мощная струя пара – вместо литров воды, чистящих порошков и прочей "химии"

Hand-held steam cleaners are more affordable and suitable for hard to reach places, such as grooves in the frames of glass, tile joints, corners. Stationary systems resemble vacuum cleaner, they are practically universal, and can also be used for cleaning solid and water-resistant floor covering.

The miracle fiber. Let's admit, we're not indifferent to napkins, rags, gloves and other pieces made of microfiber. They are colorful, cute as stuffed toys, and most importantly, cleaning with them becomes an enjoyable and environmentally friendly. Microfiber is called so because it produces fibers which diameter is one hundred times smaller than a millimeter. 100 kilometers of such strings weigh only 6 grams! In addition, the threads have a split structure, and it allows fine microfiber to absorb the liquid, brush away dirt and grease, and fight germs, even without household chemicals or a minimum amount of it, while leaving no scratches, no streaks.

Микроволокна эффективно удаляют жир и не оставляют царапин

Dry microfiber cloth helps to remove all the specks of dust, damp ones will not leave excess water on the surface. And nozzles for a mop made of this wonderful material, provide an optimal flow of water when washing the floor because of high water absorption.

The charge against dust. The more you do the dry cleaning, the less water will be required when you do a wet one. And to avoid dust rising into the air and settling throughout the apartment, it is better not to sweep with a broom or a brush, but use a special mop bearing mysterious name «static mop». Soft and fluffy nozzles for such mops are made from acrylic fibers, which create a positive frictional charge. As a result, sand and dust are drawn as if by magic to the fibers and stay on them. That mop can not only sweep the floor, but also to clean the ceiling or blinds. By the way, microfiber mops are suitable dry cleaning, they also have good electrostatic properties.

 Специальная швабра сделает сухую уборку эффективнее

Options for the lazy. If the cleaning has no strength left, buy a funny but useful slippers with hairy sole already familiar to us from microfibers. Moving them around the house, you quietly get rid of dust and animal hair on the linoleum, laminate, tile and other smooth surfaces.

Если такие тапки предложить гостям, в доме станет еще чище 

Using wet cleaning wipes you can quickly deal with not too long-standing dirt on kitchen countertops, cabinet doors, plastic lampshades without water, in one motion. They are sold in the same packaging as cosmetic, and are impregnated with a special compound, dissolving dirt. In most cases, napkins do not cause irritation of the hands skin, smell nice and disinfect the surface. Household appliances and furniture is better to wipe wipes with anti-static effect: then the dust will not accumulate on them, and can be cleaned less often. And not a drop of water will be wasted.

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