Mobile Ecology: Water Saving Online

High-tech and mobile gadgets have firmly and permanently settled in our lives. But high technology is not given to us just to thumb through tapes of social networks. Because today everyone can make his gadget more eco-friendly! Read our rating of mobile applications and learn that life in the style of «eco» can be carried out staying in touch and on the web.

Caring about the environment

Now you can find everything your heart desires on the market of mobile apps. Including convenient services for the environmentally conscious citizens.

"Зеленый советник" подскажет, как выбрать автомобиль для путешествий, и многое другое

Go Green and Green Tips. Two free apps for people trying to have a green lifestyle. Such good advisers, always ready to share knowledge about the environment. And not on a global scale, but at the level of everyday life. Want to reduce energy consumption? Have questions about saving water at home or in the office? Feel free to download here and here.

Сортировать мусор проще, когда контролируешь процесс

Recycle Tracker.If you think about how much water turns into deadly poison because of the landfills, this application will seem very useful. Its purpose is to save time for those who are trying to sort domestic waste. Several times a week, your gadget puts out a reminder about the waste to be sorted. In addition, the app will help to make a convenient schedule of separate waste collection for you personally.

Главный минус подобных приложений – западная метрическая система

Water Buddy. If you believe the translation, the «water-mate» will help you to significantly reduce municipal water bills. Essentially, it's a handy water consumption tracker for Apple products users. Useful in the service sector to record meter readings, the rules and the schedule of consumption. The app will clearly show you how much of your money is flowing into the drain because of a leaking faucet.

How's My Waterway. The tool is developed by the Agency for environmental protection of the United States. The app determines where you are now, and gives detailed information about the quality of the water sources in the area. Unfortunately, yet it applies only to United States.

Все наглядно: вегетарианство помогает беречь воду

Virtual Water. By analogy with the carbon footprint, the program offers a track our water footprint. The app shows how much water is used in the production of various products. Thanks to it, you will be able to gain a menu based on concerns about the future of the planet.

Health care

Even the most inexperienced user knows that you can always find a helper for a healthy lifestyle in the market of mobile apps. There are many useful 'water' services also. Here are just some of them.

Столичный опыт: "зеленый" маршрут проложен

GreenHunter. The successful Moscow startup that should certainly be adopted by the other cities. A huge and constantly updated guide to hunters for natural products and things. Harmful: a complete list of E-additives, toxic types of plastic, companies that use GMOs and dangerous ingredients in cosmetics. Useful: editable to the user list of green markets, farms and food service establishments.

С таким помощником никогда не забудешь вовремя выпить водички!

WaterBalance. What is called a must have for those who are involved in sports. Although people, just leading an active life, will find in it many useful. The scheme is standard for all applications that are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. You enter your sex, height, weight, age and lifestyle. And the program will do everything to ensure that the right amount for you in a timely manner of drinking water has got into the body. An additional advantage is pleasant and intuitive interface.

Не дай себе засохнуть!

Plant Nanny. In 2013, this app became one of the best in the AppStore, and from March 2016 it is available in Google Play. Slightly half-forgotten Tamagotchi philosophy says – care for a virtual pet is doing you better. A lovely plant living in your gadget, needs regular watering. You not only water plant, but drink water with it.

Useful games

The days are gone when we download only games to the phone. However, they help us pass the time while waiting for public transport or business meetings. And the kids, instead of cubes and cartoons, are increasingly drawn to the parent gadget. So why not play something environmentally friendly?

Жэка научит, как экономить воду при стирке

Zheka. Completely Russian design, based on real events. The first educational game that encourages you to save resources from an early age. In the story the Lazarev family moved into a new apartment, but after seeing the first bill for the utilities they were confused. And then you enter the game. On behalf of the brownie Jiaqi you have to give the family a lot of useful tips on energy and water saving. The level of difficulty gradually increases – from the apartment to the whole neighborhood.

Теперь для экспериментов с водой не нужна... вода

Science. Experiments with water. In one of the materials published on our website we told about experiments with water, which you should spend with your baby. As it turned out, such experiments can be conducted on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. All experiments in the application are animated, colorful and they are given a detailed explanation. By the information obtained as a result, you can share with your friends.

Свомпи любит и ценит воду больше всего на свете

Crocodile Swamp. Game from Disney, where the hero, Swamp, is a great lover to take water treatments. But the trouble is that the good reptiles has broken shower, and your task is to help Swampy repair it. You will find a series of fascinating puzzles, tangles of pipes and ground works. During the story the player understands that the supply of clean water to our homes and the diversion of dirty is a great work, that must be respected.

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