Mission Possible: Environmentally Friendly Vacation

Taking care of the environment is not a fashion, but the choice of responsible people; it's lifestyle, which does not depend on circumstances. Even being relaxed and removed from everyday problems, it's possible not to harm the flora and fauna on a vacation, and we'll teach you how to do it.

All-inclusive horror. So beloved by Russians travel package «all inclusive» does not always adequately reflect the hospitality of a country. One thing is certain: all-inclusive is always a huge waste of resources, often unjustified. In hot countries hotels use a huge amount of fresh water, apart from its consumption. In some regions, the usual inhabitants simply lack drinking water, but most of the hotels consume a large part of it, depleting groundwater. A major user of water in these hotels is laundry.

Бассейны в засушливых странах – большая роскошь, а еда в отелях часто пропадает зря

By the laws of Travel business, the presence of a certain number of stars the hotel reflects the level of comfort provided, which is in turn calculated by the number of towels. Usually one guest doesn't need six towels and two robes. Of course, hotels very often change all linen. The second place for the consumption of water in hotels is the kitchen. Food is prepared in large hotels with in reserve, and the food and drinks are not fully used, often simply discarded.

Жить в небольшом бунгало на берегу приятнее, чем в огромной гостинице

Solution: eco-ideas are hardly implemented in the tourism industry. Still, you can always choose a hotel stay that does not harm the environment, without compromising comfort. Small family eco-hotels, guest houses, hostels and camp sites are anywhere in the world and you will find a suitable alternative. Here you control the water flow, electricity, select food, and usually at the same time get acquainted with the locals. Another eco-options positive side is economy, as staying in a hostel or a family-run hotel is much cheaper.

Big swimming is a lot of garbage. Cruise travelling is considered to be the most harmful to the environment. In addition to wasting the resources, as in the big hotels, cruise ships pollute the sea. This process occurs mainly due to oil spills, waste discharge and discharge of effluents containing heavy metals, toxic chemicals, nitrogen and phosphorus. Not to mention irresponsible tourists who throw garbage overboard. Environmentalists also draw attention to the problem of damaging coral reefs by anchors of large vessels, which usually occurs during the brief stops.

Путешествуя на каяке, вы встретитесь с природой лицом к лицу

Solution: choose any other water adventures. What could be more romantic than sailing on a yacht? At the same time You can learn to manage such a ship if You join the expedition. You can rent a boat at resort; travelling on a small boat to the outlying islands will certainly become the most memorable vacation. The opportunity to meet with wildlife, to explore the area and to take great videos - all this attracts tourists who travel on kayak or canoe.

Travel Tips:

  • Choose gifts wisely. Acquiring charms with feathers, shells, corals or bone statuettes, tusks or teeth is to be involved in poaching, which is at least unethical. Production of trinkets can threaten the survival of rare species. The same applies to the exotic and therapeutic agents made from animal organs or of clothing and accessories of genuine leather and fur. It is better to choose jewelry, pottery and utensils for the house; these things are beautiful, and useful.

В сувенирной лавке легко растеряться. Включите голову и покупайте только экологичное

  • Do not ride on the elephants.We can only guess about the brutal methods of training the animals, especially the wild ones. In any case, the animals must not be a tourist attraction by the will of man. Using them for a caprice is the same that tormenting them for profit. It is better to walk further using special hiking trails and observe nature in its purest form. It is also good for health. Do not take pictures outside with monkeys and other small animals, which are often kept in appalling conditions.

За животными лучше наблюдать в их естественной среде обитания

  • No trash, no war.Minimize your ecological footprint; this term refers to the measure of human impact on the environment. Each of us has an individual footprint, which is measured by the proportion between the needs and the volume of resources expended. Everyone is able to reduce the pressure on the environment. Do not use disposable plastic bags and take eco-bags made of cloth; do not buy water in plastic bottles and pour water into eco-bottles; prefer paper packaging. These are simple steps that you can do on the way to eco-consumption, which will not interfere your vacations.

Выбирайте упаковку из материалов, которые легко разлагаются

  • Start with small things.Even in the short vacation, you can be of great benefit - for example, helping the local eco-organizations in cleaning the sea bottom or beach clean-up of debris. Learn in advance about the events in the place where you stop. And if you suddenly get much, you can become a volunteer, joining environmental projects around the world; this is a useful thing for the environment and great vacation. Volunteers are searched by conservationists, ornithologists and zoologists, archaeological expeditions. More information about volunteers can be found on the websites of reserves or eco-organizations, or use resources such as HelpX, Green Board, WWOF, Volunteer Center of natural areas, UN Volunteers, «The Great Baikal Trail», Seaturtles.org, as well as the websites of Komsomolsk and Kronotsky reserves.

Волонтерство может подарить уникальный опыт и изменить вашу жизнь

  • The main thing is not to do harm.The pressure on the planet will be the least, if you go on vacation on a bicycle, in a kayak with a tent along your own country, - says Elena Rybakova, coordinator of the «Musora bolshe net» («There's no garbage anymore») project in St.Petersburg, Russia. - The basic rule of sustainable vacation is to make a place of rest better and cleaner than it was before. Do not build fires in fire time and to extinguish them away. Do not take unnecessary packaging that can not be recycled in the woods. Organic waste should be buried in the ground and a hole should be masked so that others won't think that this is a disposal for everything. Cans should be burned and buried».
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