Let’s Save: Aquarium Closet, electric saliva and water-air diesel

Do you know, how China saves? China saves draining the water in the toilet with the help of the aquarium. And how will Europe save soon? Fuel. And more, «spit and grind» in the near future will not be just an advice, but also a guide for engineers.

Golden lavatory pan. Today in China you can already save space and water bills, aligning it with the... aquarium! The idea is very simple. The lavatory tank is divided into three sections. First one contains clean water, the second one washes away drains, and the third one is a fish aquarium. The mechanism is designed so that the fishes are supplied with strictly definite amount of water. Less water is spent for drains flush because of the aquarium is made into a full-size standard and occupies one-third of the water tank.

Унитаз плюс аквариум равно экономия воды

Golden fuel. Engineers from Audi managed to approach the dream of motorists all over the world to create diesel fuel from water and air. The development of German experts is called E-Diesel, and it was tried not anyhow, but at the car of Johanna Wanke, the head of the education ministry of Germany.

Уникальный автомобиль ездит на углекислом газе и воде

The fuel is made from carbon dioxide and water, and the manufacturer claims that it has no environmental analogues. It contains no sulfur and oils, which makes it the most environmental friendly fuel of all. And the first factory for the production of E-Diesel has already started to work near Dresden.

Golden saliva. The United States figured out how to extract energy from the waste water or any other liquid — at least from the saliva. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania provided a test sample of the device that can not only generate electricity from the waste water, but clean them. The method is based on a process that is called a reverse electrodialysis. It is based on a mixture of fresh and sea water, which are put in communicating chambers separated by membranes.

Минигенератор получает энергию из любой жидкости – от сточных вод до слюны

When you start the process an electrochemical charge is created, which results in water purifying and electricity producing. However, the salt water is completely optional for the process, it can be successfully replaced by a solution of ammonium bicarbonate. The developers believe that this little gadget can be widely used in developing countries, providing people with electricity and clean drinking water.

Photo: Shutterstock, Bobontnu, Quartz, India.com.  

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